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When to Stop My Toddler from Bottle Feeding?

I don't really remember when exactly did my two other kids stop bottle feeding. I just knew that when they started to attend school, they no longer care to ask. But my toddler who is now 3 years and 4 months old can hardly live a day without drinking his milk in the bottle and still ask for about 2 to 3 during bedtime.
According to most of the articles I read, weaning from a bottle should begin at age 1 and if beyond that, there's a possibility of tooth damage or excessive consumption of milk that will eventually lead to obesity. This may be true to other races like kids in The US or other countries with different body metabolism but here in the Philippines, I know of kids enjoying their bottles up to age 5.

Health Risks in Kissing Your Beloved Pets

How do you show affection for your beloved pet like your fave dog?

This is one big question that pet owners should be aware of.

We can hug them, why not? It's our way of showing our unconditional love for these precious canines. By cuddling our pets, they feel secure and protected and there's nothing wrong in doing so. They are still man's BFF (best friend forever). We can also    play with them for as long as we are cautious about their moods. They may also feel stressed sometimes. But, one thing we should not practice is to kiss them directly in the mouth. Even a quick smooch can be an unexpected transmission of some sort of infections from the dog's saliva. Even if the dog or any pet for that matter is always clean, well-groomed and healthy. Dogs are fond of licking their bottoms and this will mean fecal matter may stay on their mouth.

Love Quotes By Simplymarrimye

My sacred vow is not just a PROMISE but a never ending
COMMITMENT to the person fated to be the LOVE of my LIFE.
As time goes by... LOVE should stay awake and never fall asleep.
We need to know how to handle LOVE because if we don't...  it will swift away like a whirlwind.
When two people are separated by responsibility... the same task is required to bridge the distance.
Lovers should have an endless string that is torn-free split-proof and most of all fire-resistant. It should be an unbreakable BOND that will connect your hearts forever.

The Refreshing Saud Beach in PAGUDPUD


Aedes Aegypti, Causing Deadly Dengue Fever

My sister, Mahlen had an ON and OFF fever for days. She thought that it's only a sign of over fatigued or flu so she just took doses of paracetamol to lower her temperature.  But she experienced muscle pains and severe headache then suddenly rashes came out when her fever rapidly dropped.  That's when she decided to consult a doctor and had her blood examined for possible infection of the Dengue virus.

Since the first laboratory result dated Sept 26 indicates a lower platelet count, she was not confined in the hospital. The doctor said that she may stay at home and re-hydrate or keep up oral liquid intake. Although her NS1 was positive, the two variables below still showed negative results so there's nothing to be alarmed about. But then, she took another test the following day to monitor her platelet count. Fortunately, it raised from 182 to 186. Good enough but still required more re-hydration. The physiological range for platelets is (150–400)×109per liter. Around …

K-Zone turns 10

Who wouldn't know this kid magazine? Even adults especially parents grab a copy of this for their children to enjoy.

K-Zone is the biggest and most popular kids' magazine in the Philippines published by Summit Media. It caters to kids and young adults ages 8 to 16. They are called the K-Zoners who love bright, colorful and entertaining reads.

KZ as it's commonly abbreviated, was first released in October 2002. It has Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian versions but the content of Philippine Edition is almost the same though it's more on gaming, anime, international and local celebrities.

Almost every page is loaded with kids' stuff like newest cartoons, movies, latest gadgets, crafts, video games, wrestling, puzzles, comics, jokes and a lot of exciting but friendly and knowledgeable articles. K-Zoners love it because it kills their boredom, it makes them laugh and stimulates their sense of being young and free.

BEAUTIES Caught by Her Lens

LONDON, the biggest city in Europe with the highest population density of 4,699 per square kilometer.  This capital city of England is the very first city in the world to have an underground railway, also known as the TUBE.
It is where every aspect of learning is strengthened like commerce, arts, entertainment, fashion, education, finance, media, professional services, tourism and transport that make it the leading global city and financial center alongside New York City.

Being the most visited place in the world, it has the largest airport system.

The home of  the English Sovereigns, the Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen of England and principal workplace of the British monarch.

Aside from the many attractions of the city, take a glimpse of these photographs captured by my sister, MALU.

Meet Malulicious

Her Chinita Eyes

Barely no make-up. Her CHINITA eyes are so expressive of her character... small, slant, and pointed.

Those chinky eyes are too attractive not to be noticed Yet too sharp not to be taken for granted.

Don't dare try to gaze upon her... You will be enchanted... magnetized and may be left thinking about her smile.

Her vision is imperfectly focused though a flicker of brilliance somehow sparkle like a vibrant stone.

A total look of allurement rise before her own  reflection... resonating simple grace like a flower in full bloom.

Fresh... young... and fragile. those CHINITA eyes are whimsical for the moment until an amiable glare of a prince catch her unwittingly.

If only time would allow these eyes to turn like these childish ... so naive and innocent. But no past is coming back... these CHINITA eyes will look ahead and take a view of the future.

JOHN 3:16

This Bible verse is so famous that everyone of us should know by heart.  Use the key words to form a six-letter word that best explains it.  What have you got?
Thanks DIDACHE! (Kerygma Family)

A Kid's Tale

I am a kid and still naive with no worries in my mind.
There's nothing  to be sad but anything to be glad about.
I just want to play draw and scribble. Eat when starved sleep when exhausted.

I am a kid and still naive. Hide and seek is a fun game indeed.

Now look around... Can you see me? I'm just here. GO and keep searching.

Watching TV is  my hobby. I guess you know these guys. Then give me a Hi5 !!!

I am a kid and still naive. I'm sure you wish to be like me like you used to be.
But few years from now and I'm a kid no more. Spare me this moment and let me enjoy.

Oh my goodness! I still wish to play but my TIKOY, seems so overly dismayed.

QUIT now or REGRET later

Despite several campaigns innumerable advocacy regarding  smoke-free environment Needless to say.. the danger it brings to  human lives and nature Getting addicted to nicotine... puffing here and everywhere still exist.
WHY?? A matter of choice whether you want to light up that STICK to inhale the very  CAUSE  of countless illness  or  take the first step in  QUITTING.
Forget about it being the source of your strength in coping stress and daily annoyance. If you love yourself and family, you can win the BATTLE. If you still consider it your  COMPANY to loosen up and be free... it's yours to ponder.
I am speaking for myself...
Now, it's DONE and over with Easier said but I know others may take a while to even contemplate on the idea of giving up.
This is a DECISION to make...
it's YOURS to make.