FRANCIS and his tracing skills

Kiko is now 3 years, 3 months and 1 week old today.
He can now easily trace his first name
and his hand can
draw straight vertical lines
as legibly as he can.

This source says:

"All children start writing by scribbling, an activity most toddlers enjoy. To do it, they must use coordination to hold the crayon, keep the paper still, and apply enough pressure to make a mark on the paper.

As time goes on, with lots of practice, they'll start to realize that not only can they make marks to create a pattern, but by repeating the same movements, they can make the pattern again.

Eventually, with practice and formal schooling, kids learn what are called the conventions of print like writing from left to right, the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, how to put spaces between words, and how to use correct spelling in most instances."

He can trace shapes 
like circle, triangle, square

Maybe next time
he can write his name in full


such a long one
but I know 
he will.

Close Encounter With The Third Kind

Why do some people prefer something different? We all have choices to make. We are born with own distinct identities and as we develop into an adult capable of knowing and reasoning, we are exposed to an environment with extremely wide variety of values, social norms, rules of conduct, customs and practices. As human beings, we have the desire to understand every aspect of the world we live in. Our natural curiosity of the many things around us will lead us to defining our own self and bring us to a journey of limitless exploration.

Who are we? What are we? These questions now lie beneath the realm of self individuality.

The discussion of gender preferences are predominantly articulated for centuries by philosophers, religious leaders and writers. From ancient times to today, there is a countless and diversity of opinions regarding the theories of engaging to same gender relationships. Understanding the world that is far different from the ordinary demands openness of mind and full acceptance of the fact that we all have the same right of existence... To live life as how we desire to live it.

In our society where this kind of unusual set up seems to contradict our beliefs, we tend to condemn or dishonor the state of being or the act itself but who are we to pass judgement on those people who have done nothing wrong but to be the person they are? Who are we to discriminate and deprive them of equal rights? Nobody lives a faultless life... We, normal beings are susceptible in making mistakes that we regret afterwards. Understanding the core of their being is complicated and it requires our utmost comprehension.

There may be some scientific evidences which explain the causes of this kind of behavior. Some studies showed that involving one self to same gender union is more of an identity crisis. A child before the age of 10 may experience either extreme affection from family or somehow, emotionally distant to any member may trigger a sense of emptiness. Some childhood displeasing encounters may also contribute to its existence. Whether it is the mind that stimulates the urge or it's the desire of the body that needs to be satisfied is beside the point. The ability to think and act according to our conscience may draw the line and can resolve the need for affirmation and belongingness.

Some studies also showed that neither it be genetically transmitted because of insufficient biological explanations nor an inborn characteristic that has been stimulated by various factors. If for some, it's not innate but acquired. In my opinion, it's more of a choice.

We live in a society where people seem to be judgmental. We look at other's imperfections and we are blinded by our own defects. What is more important is how we carry ourselves. We have the freewill to take any road... crooked or straight. What really matters is we are determined to be the "best" person we can be.  

We cannot discount the fact that those people we seem to reject are those who dominate the scene, may it be in the business world, music, arts or entertainment industry, politics and even beyond our knowledge (those still in self-bondage). Some are famous and notable icons yet there are some who disgrace their own specie. These people are clear indications of images of self destruction.

In this writing, I use the terms of  "gender preference" or "intimate orientation as desired", because I respect them as I respect myself and others. I believe that the word which make it sinful is the very word that most people used to describe it.

I still hold on to my belief that... "It's not what I say that matters, it's how I say it."

What seems uncommon to some people may be just fine to others. that's how our mind works so we better think more sensibly.

Meet my DAD

my daddy playing his favorite game

Some TRIVIA about this man I called Daddy
He's birthday falls on the twenty-fifth.

As early as eighteen... he had to elope
Just because he kissed my Mom on the cheek.

He never finished studies in Mapua
Never had a college degree.

Had to work for a living... and tried overseas
His father never favored his fate.

But being the pillar of the home
He worked hard to prove his worth.

Four of us had finished what he did not.
Mother stood beside him no matter what.

More than four decades of togetherness
Not a perfect union like just other couples..

Through the years we fell and trembled
But stood up and strengthened the bond more.

Now a senior man with a few grey hair
He may not be the best but always the better.

He may not be outstanding in every aspect of life
But, he still is the man who loves us like no other can.


PSY and His Oppa Gangnam Style

Anyone... who doesn't know about the latest craze in dancing?  Who doesn't know PSY and his most popular horse-riding dance? Join the whole music industry and get high on doing the... GANGNAM Style.

COURTESY of Google images

You just can't imagine how this song and video took the industry in awe.  It's a worldwide hit!  According to this article dated 7 September 2012 by Braden Goyette of  Daily News America

"At last night's VMAs, millions of American viewers were introduced to Psy, the South Korean rapper whose video, 'Gangnam Style,' took YouTube by storm last month.

The video climbed to 100 million views in 51 days — faster than Justin Bieber's "Baby" and Rebecca Black's "Friday," according to the Daily Dot — and elicited a deluge of response videos.

It's garnered over 117 million views since it was posted on July 15, and Psy, a.k.a. Park Jae Sung, became the first Korean artist to be invited to the VMAs since Rain performed in 2005, according to the Korea Times."


YES!!  The Dougie is now out and the Horsey is in... The beat of the Gangnam dance is so catchy that even the viewing public made some videos showcasing the style in their own version.

What is Gangnam? (Source)

It is the most coveted address in Korea, but less than two generations ago it was little more than some forlorn homes surrounded by flat farmland and drainage ditches.

The district of Gangnam, which literally means "south of the river," is about half the size of Manhattan. About 1 percent of Seoul's population lives there, but many of its residents are very rich. The average Gangnam apartment costs about $716,000, a sum that would take an average South Korean household 18 years to earn.

The seats of business and government power in Seoul have always been north of the Han River, in the neighborhoods around the royal palaces, and many old-money families still live there.

So how did PSY — aka Park Jae-sang — a stocky, 34-year-old rapper who was fined nearly $4,500 for smoking marijuana after his 2001 debut, get to be the one teaching Britney Spears how to do the horse-riding dance on American TV?

"I'm not handsome, I'm not tall, I'm not muscular, I'm not skinny," PSY recently said on the American 

"Today" TV show. "But I'm sitting here."

He attributed his success to "soul or attitude."

PSY, whose stage name stems from the first three letters of the word psycho, has always styled himself as a quirky outsider. But he is from a wealthy family and was actually raised and educated south of the Han River, near Gangnam.

Be Careful with My Heart

Kung uso dati si PAPA CHEN at ang SOFIA Magic...
Ngayon, SER CHIEF at YAYA MAYA na.

Premiered last 9 July 2012, Be Careful with My Heart is now a top-rating ABS-CBN daytime drama which is airing every 10:30am. Not only it dominates the morning shows but it's the very first TV drama to be filmed and broadcasted in HD or high definition.  It's like watching a real movie.

This is a story about a simple girl MAYA DELA ROSA (JodiSta. Maria) who journeys to the big city to follow her dreams to become a flight stewardess to help her family.She would allow no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower RICHARD LIM (Richard Yap), who threatens to ruin her dreams.

Ironically, Richard is her last hope in reaching her dreams because of his influence in the Airline Industry and he will only help Maya if she agrees to become his children’s temporary nanny.

Maya succumbs to the condition.But upon entering the Lim Mansion, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children LUKE (Jerome Ponce), NIKKI (Janella Salvador) and ABIGAIL (MutyaOrquia).

Maya sees that there are problems to be solved in the Lim family because since Richard’s wife died, the family’s joy died with her.  And so Maya took it upon herself to bridge Richard to his children.  And eventually, she succeeds in rebuildingtheLim family.

However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that will test her strength and will challenge even her own heart.  Because she falls in love with the kids and with Richard himself.

KILIG KILIG to the max!!

The serye promotes good family values.  Both families: Sir Chief's and Maya's... face daily challenges in life but they never lose that bond that makes them even closer to each other... their LOVE, RESPECT and APPRECIATION for blessings big or small.  Such inspiring story that any Filipino can relate to.  The characters can be one of us.

Continue to spread the good vibes in the morning and fall in love with the new-age fairytale of Yaya Maya and her Sir Chief in "Be Careful With My Heart," weekdays, 10:45am and in "Be Careful with Heart Sabado Rewind," every Saturday, 10:30AM.

My Family, My LIFE

Just like any other family, mine have survived the ups and downs in life.  We continue the struggle... Together we can surpass any hurdle,  Together we can fight the odds.


Great Image
At Great Image
Taken sometime in August of 2005, a truly memorable photograph of a family that is bonded by love, respect and dignity. We may not have the luxuries of life but we always possess the blessing of having each other through good or bad times... in moments of sadness or joyful success... in weakness or strength... through heartaches and blissful unions... We treasure every moment like this:

Taken two years back.  It was our Christmas Party 2010 and our family got the blue color theme so here we are...

Closely knit... that's what we are

Always hold each other so tightly
no matter what
no matter when
no matter where

Through rain or shine... we share
any thing
any time
any place

When one of us is in pain, 
everybody feels for the hurting... 
When one of us tastes victory, 
everybody jumps for triumph... 
When one of us is in need, 
everybody has a helping hand...
and if one of us is lost... 
everybody cares to lead the way. 

Reproductive Health and Birth Control

Let me define these two important and controversial issues today based on WHO and WebMD and I quote:


"Within the framework of WHO's definition of health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, reproductive health addresses the reproductive processes, functions and system at all stages of life. Reproductive health, therefore, implies that people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safe sex life and that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so.

Implicit in this are the right of men and women to be informed of and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their choice, and the right of access to appropriate health care services that will enable women to go safely through pregnancy and childbirth and provide couples with the best chance of having a healthy infant."

"Birth control is any method used to prevent pregnancy. There are many different methods of birth control including condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, the rhythm method, surgical sterilization, and tubal ligation."


I want to share with you my own experience concerning my health and using birth control or contraceptives.  My husband and I used the rhythm and withdrawal method of contraception. After the birth of our second child, I used to try pills but they had unpleasant effects on my system so I immediately stopped. 

For almost 10 years, we carried on this type of natural way but, unexpectedly this thing happened:

My blog entry dated Oct 30 2008...

I should have memorized this method... I should have known better now,,, It's been eight long years since we started this natural way of controlling our family. We're almost complete, we have a daughter and a son, AYA and KD. Although my husband and I actually talked about plans of having another angel in the family, we're still having second thoughts of going through that same stage again. But I believe that there's a reason why things happen beyond our expectation.

I am waiting for my monthly period to come but unfortunately, it did not. Where did I go wrong? Maybe, I gave in so early but I have counted it right. It's my safe day. I had my first flow last September 23 so, my infertile period would be October 12 to probably 19 until my next period comes.

Number 1 in red indicates my first day which is September 23

October 20 came... then 21, 22, 23... and my most awaited never arrived. I decided to do self-test and this result is what I got:

self-test turned to be positive
No doubt, the two lines mean that I am positive of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. I already have our third baby in my belly.

Every woman has the right to choose whether or not she will use any contraception or just rely on natural method. Couples should be responsible enough to decide what's best for their family.  The issue at hand regarding Reproductive Health and Birth Control depends on our own beliefs.  Our FAITH may affect our decision but let the DIVINE intervention enlighten all of us.


still the undisputed
text capital of the world
to date...

myedomain's it's more fun in the philippines-kiko texting 1

A remarkable
1.39 billion text messages
from 50 million subscribers
and still counting.

myedomain's it's more fun in the philippines-kiko texting 2

Filipino mobile phone users
carry their cellphones 24/7
Sending and receiving SMS, MMS, 
and more have now become a culture.

myedomain's it's more fun in the philippines-kiko texting 3

With the recent US study
a Filipino mobile user sends an average of
600 text messages a month
or 43% more than their counterparts in the United States.

myedomain's it's more fun in the philippines-kiko texting 4

Because of this statistics...
also known as the
people on Earth
enjoying unlimited services
offered in retail even to the slummiest areas.

Load your UNLI txt and call at your nearest sari-sari store. 
NOW NA !!!

Only in the Philippines

JUMP shot

Yours truly is not a PRO when it comes to taking pictures but I'm trying hard to be one. Hahaha!  :) Using a digital camera makes it even more difficult. I had to focus and TIMING is of the essence.  Hey guys!  Can you give me some of your photography secrets.  Now, I wish to have a DSLR camera.  Actually, I have no idea about this until I sought the services of google.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

"Digital single-lens reflex cameras (also named digital SLR or DSLR) are digital cameras combining the parts of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and a digital camera back, replacing the photographic film. Features like live preview, HD video recording with contrast detection autofocus or ergonomic integration like dedicated film speed (ISO) buttons took further advantage of the digital image sensor. Although the term DSLR often refers to cameras that resemble 35 mm format cameras, some medium format cameras are also DSLRs.

Currently DSLRs are widely used by consumers and professional still photographers. Well established DSLRs currently offer a larger variety of dedicated lenses and other photography equipment, often using a larger image sensor format, often providing a higher dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. By contrast compact digital cameras and bridge cameras usually have smaller image sensors, which provide a larger depth of field. The newer mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (MILC) are beginning to compete with DSLRs while offering a more compact camera body."


Anyways... please bear with me.  Time will come and I will learn few more simple tricks and strategies in photography. Just wait and see... LOL!!

floating on air 1

floating on air 2
Get set...

floating on air _success

At least... I caught this jump shot.  Thanks for my ever dearest model, KIKO.

The Wonders of the Sea : UP CLOSE

up close with the wonders of the sea
One of the aquarium in Manila Ocean Park (Oceanarium)

This isn't under the sea
nor under the vast ocean deep
A huge tank that resembles their
natural habitat.
They seem to enjoy it
They seem to be happy
Maybe, they have
another mission
A purpose that should be achieved.
To offer their beauty
within reach
To share their uniqueness
and be appreciated
To leave the human eyes
in bewilderment and awe
These creatures in the abyss
swim, glide, crawl, flap, twirl
spin, wobble and sway.
Gazing upon this glass full of
water and seaweeds from the deep
Keeping their stay in the man-made haven
for rational being to take a
glimpse up close.