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Irresponsible Jeepney Drivers

CREDITS:  LIFE is so mystical... truly has a divine meaning that transcends human understanding.  It is a form of creation that only GOD knows  WHEN,  WHERE and HOW it will begin and end.  There is no human power that can manipulate any LIFE's journey. I just want to share with you this story because I consider it as an unforeseen event in my life and it made me realized that some things may happen beyond expectation and may surprise me anytime. This morning, an incident happened that threatened mine and my son's life.  I thought we would crashed head on collision with a certain jeepney that suddenly appeared rushing like racing with another jeepney.  The service tricycle we're riding going to school promptly stopped just in time.  Thank GOD for the driver's alertness and quick instinct, no one's hurt especially his daughter situated in front of him and PRAISE GOD for nothing happened to Kiko and me. I almost find myself helpless in this kind of situatio


All of us may overcome an agonizing heartbreak  Our MIND is the armor that shields our body. It protects the HEART from being struck by pain. We love but we may be hurt We trust but we may be betrayed We respect but we may be dishonored We give our all but we may be ignored. Truly, there are things which are not meant to unfold Yet we need to acknowledge the power of fate. Our destiny may take us to the place we least expect.

FISH SPA... do you like to try it?

One of the attraction in Manila Ocean Park is the FISH SPA and according to Wikipedia : "It is about a freshwater fish used for treating skin diseases in Turkey. For the species sometimes called "doctor fish" in the UK.  Doctor fish is the name given species of fish:  Garra rufa  and  Cyprinion macrostomum . Other nicknames include  nibble fish ,  kangal fish ,  physio fish ,  and  doctorfishen ; in non-medical contexts,  Garra rufa  is called the  reddish log sucker . They live and breed in the outdoor pools of some Turkish spas, where they feed on the skin of patients with  psoriasis . The fish are like  combfishes  in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment bringing beneficial effects. The spas are not meant as a curative treatment option, only as a temporary alleviation of symptoms, and patients usually revisit the spas every few months." This is how "

The Umbrella Effect

Of all food... why mushroom?  Well, one simple reason is... LOVE is truly EVERYWHERE.  IF only nurtured properly, it can grow in abundance and offer endless supply of healthy benefits like love can give the heart nourishment when in full bloom. But there are types of mushroom that can harm like love that is obsessive and selfish.  Sudden anger and heartbreak may cause a poisoned mind to commit ruthless acts. So, what's on your mind now? Can you think of any food other than mushroom to best define what love means to you?

Unconditional LOVE

photo link I love you because... you are beautiful. I love you because... you are exceptionally intelligent. I love you because... you are the best cook. I love you because... you bring me to utmost ecstasy. I love you because... you make me smile. I love you because... you offer me everything. I love you because... you made me complete. There are countless reasons why we love someone but never we realize that LOVING is not measured by anything. It is not enough that you say " I LOVE YOU " to a person or merely giving him/her a " KISS " on the cheek. LOVING is something deeper than the ocean and broader than any word in the universe. We have to love unconditionally. No "IFs", no "BUTs", just boundless and infinite. Love must be purely given allowing the receiver to grow and let the natural flow of love nurture deep within ones heart and soul. No amount of fortune can buy love. It's priceless and invaluable