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Not only that is he a shape enthusiast but he is also a lover of crayons and colors in any form.  Whenever he sees bright colorful toys or objects, he is so overwhelmingly happy.  He finds them so attractive and appealing.  He loves to color using either crayons, color pencils or water colors.

COLORS, according to expert psychologists help children express themselves and affirm certain emotions.  They are connected with mood.  They appeal more to the senses because of their lively hues and give out positive vibes.  they are interesting and stimulating. explains that:
"Although children may be inclined to prefer bright colors because the rods and cones in their eyes have not fully developed, a preference for bright colors may be a result of evolutionary developments.

Many naturally occurring foods---like tomatoes, apples, oranges, bananas and berries---are bright, bold colors when they are ripe and ready for consumption. By contrast, almost all fruits turn a brown, black …

The GREAT Providers

The PILLARS ... KINGS of our domestic throne. Dreams reign in their hearts Aiming to offer GOLD and never second hand.
HOME is the castle they unselfishly protect Nobody can trespass The gates are locked up with their fists like steel.
Warriors in the battlefield Blood, sweat and tears they hurdled... to serve the abundance on the table. The BEST that tomorrow may bring.
FATHERS... All of whom are great providers of every house standing still. This SPECIAL day is yours to feast.
Our LOVE be your STRENGTH... Our HUGS be your WEAKNESS in order not to seek... HAPPINESS in other place.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the father of my children! And my FATHER who gave me LIFE.

to all
providers of the world!


Where should one  put the loads in his life? 
If it's right in FRONT,  it's like a hurdle that  can make one stumble down. 
If it's right at the BACK,  it's like a traitor  that destroys without warning. 
To feel the weight  of every burden  is a rewarding sacrifice  not a cruel punishment. 
The heavier it becomes  the closer one can get  through the doors  of salvation. 
It will only take  a candle's flame  to light up the  darkened phases of life.
Kneel down with your eyes closed. HE will listen to the weeps of your heart.

FIRST DAY in school

When is the best time to send our kids to school? Is it ideal to bring an almost 3 year-old toddler to school yet and make him/her experience how it is to mingle with others... follow the teacher's instructions... and leave them without our presence in the first time?

Most mothers of today opt to bring their kids earlier compared to mothers of decades ago.  The need for this may have a bunch of reasons depending on the parent.  My second son and eldest daughter started school at the age of 4 and 5, respectively.  Now, with my youngest Kiko, me and my husband decided to bring him to school at an early age of 3.  We just want him to be exposed in classroom environment so that by next year, he'll be more ready to attend regular pre-school.

I'm aware of several private playschool and Montessori with high standards and excellent facilities but practicality wise, we prefer to enroll Kiko at Caniogan Learning Center: a semi-private, air-conditioned school near our place where th…

HE who wears the BEST toothless SMILE

FRANCIS DAN RIEL, our bundle of joy will be turning three this coming June 20.  The day when my worries faded away... My apprehension exited upon seeing his face for the first time.  This was my sentiments when he's still inside my womb:

Let your presence inside mesay that you're safe and sound. Is there a little life growing or a tie of bond deep within? This unpleasant sensitivities leave no aching signs. Just rest quietly in my tummy We'll be one in due time.

He completes our HOME... He is the reason for our JOY and endless HAPPINESS.  Now, I realized that my desire to continue a career is behind me now because I am bound to serve a better purpose in life and that is... being the mother of the one who wears the BEST "toothless SMILE".

Smoking During Pregnancy

Addiction to smoking seems a struggle to most women who have been smokers since their teen years and cannot avoid doing the habit even to sacrifice life of their unborn child. I was shocked upon watching an episode in a TV show about women who can hardly quit smoking and even turn their backs on drugs while they are pregnant.

A couple was interviewed and they actually admitted that they both cigarette dependents and their struggle against the addiction should bring them to a unified decision to stop and put an end to their bad vice. The husband honestly told that he would leave 2-3 sticks of cigarette for her wife without knowing that her wife sneaks for at least a pack a day. She said while she puffs a cigarette, she can actually feel that the baby moves trying to tell her mother that she's hurting him.

Smoking during pregnancy can put the mother and the unborn baby at risk. The complications associated by smoking are;
Lower the amount of oxygen the baby getsIncrease the baby'…


Malulicious (my beloved sis)
Awesomedanlourd (my beloved bro)
Mye (yours truly)

Bottomless... down-reaching sinking in the abyss swallowed by time and space.
Controlling... domineering silence solitude underneath a shadow conquered fervently.
Defining... daring determination this tranquil spot hanging loose rescued by self containment. Carefree... feeling the roughness concealed and gently tickled the current is humbly manipulating.