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red flower blooms
Created to offer radiance
Its allurement rests in paradise...
cradled with the softness of wind
breathing through
the green hue.

yellow petals on full bloom
Gazing upon the luminosity
of every petal...
Either its brightness
that cares for joy
or dullness that sympathize
with a tearful eye.

the pinkish long petals
Long-lasting innocence...
 its enigmatic beauty controls
ones lucidity,  unnoticed... overlooked by
an insightful beholder.
Kindle of a peculiar master.

purple wideness of heart
Silence blooming in a corner
untiring... just laying with brilliance.
Once picked up and whined
like a lovely ornament on a vase.
Embellished fate with endless vow
Consoled a bleeding heart
on the grave.

bunch of blues
Scented... harmless
colorful pleasing blossoms
in the midst of earthly grounds.
Pondered and fostered.
Take hold of this sensitive wonder
that will bring absolute
euphoria and felicity.


  1. Great photos. Very colorful and alive.

  2. so beautiful photos of flowers! :)
    pero i'm curious.. ano ang name ng flower sa fourth photo ?

    God bless :)

  3. So lovely, I love the blue one.

  4. Awesome flowers. Awesome colors. Great captures! Madalas din akong kumuha ng pictures ng flowers, close-up, whenever I find one. Keep it up!!!

  5. ang ganda ng mga color especially the purples, they're gorgeous.

  6. Flowers are fun to photograph. They don't move except when blown by the wind. I love taking macro shots of them.

    You got great captures here. Nice!

  7. Nice shot! The photos of the flowers are very gorgeous!
    Keep posting! G+ your post:)

  8. Lovely colors! And cute ng shots. :)

  9. ang ganda... nag try ako ng flower photography pero fail hahaha...

  10. I love flowers, fresh or printed. This post made me smile today the way flowers make me feel.:)

  11. nice shots! this just made me realize more how great our GOD is - very artistic.

  12. Those flowers were indeed lovely. ^_^

  13. agree, the flowers are beautiful where they can continue to bloom... and stay alive. Yahweh bless.

  14. great photos. Im a pink lover, so you know what my favorite is :) LOL

  15. buhay na buhay! anong camera mo? ganda! love how you play with words!

  16. These flowers are beautiful. They're not just pretty on the eyes but also inspiring as they start out shy and bloom to become the lovely things that they are.. :)

  17. Nice Pics of Flowers...:)
    Gusto ko yung pinaka last...:)

  18. i like the way you describe the things you see and feel... great choice of words... Yahweh bless.

  19. i love flowers and you just showed me how to capture its beauty! the captions are well thought of.love the first photo much!

  20. Oh I like capturing photographs of different kinds of plants and flowers :))

  21. I love the blue flower shot, what's the name of that flower if you don't mind me asking?

  22. To everyone who's asking for the names of the flowers, I regret to tell you that I myself don't have any idea. I made this post to highlight the poem I made by describing the flower's different hues but it seems like you noticed the PHOTOGRAPHY not the POETRY. Those flowers were taken by my sister when they went to SONIA"S GARDEN.

    Anyways, I do appreciate your comments and I try to research for their names... Maybe on a separate post.

  23. Flower power! Flowers are really pretty, whichever color they're in. Photography tip sis, don't put your subjects in the center (rule of thirds) :)

    1. Thanks for the great tip!
      Actually these were
      taken by my sister
      just amateur shots...

  24. Some of your photos are not loading... the others I saw look nice, however.


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