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DOGS, still are man's BFF

Me and my TUMMY
Me and my TUMMY

I used to have a dog.
She was given to us by my long-time
brother-in-law to-be :)
At first... I was reluctant to cuddle her
because it's my
first time to take care of a puppy.
She was a mixed breed poodle.
But in time, I learned to love
and respect this adorable canine.

She became my beloved acquaintance and I
always looked forward to going home and
taking her in my arms.
HUG and keep her just beside me.
 I even wrote a poem to honor her unconditional LOVE.

my very first beloved dog, tummy
Meet my first and last pet (for now)... TUMMY
HER name was TUMMY
"Her eyes seems to witness every turn of events in our lives.
She seems to be a silent shock absorber... knowing every detail that surrounds her.
That barking sound echoes in every corner of the house.
She has found a shelter within our hearts...
Sneaking around like a sheep rambling in the wilderness.
I became a lover of her kind.
Holding her gently and feeling her warmth give me some kind of security.
She somehow lightens up my everyday.
She fills up certain space that no rational being can.
A good fellow that preserves and maintains own uniqueness and identity.
A loyal friend in her own right."

Now only her memories linger in my mind.
She found her final destination without me by her side.
Heat stroke was the cause of her demise.
But I know that...
All dogs go to heaven.
It's been nineteen years since Tummy died.
I called her by that name because 
her belly was so big.
she loved to eat.
She used to be my focus of attention...
But now, I'm married with three wonderful kids.
My life has never been more meaningful...
Seeing them grow up to be good children and providing them 
their needs and wants
is my utmost priority.

I just want to share with you these photos
of dogs that are now part of 
our family...

maki with teacher dave
is a male SHIH TZU
maki with dave

newly groomed MAKI baby
newly groomed MAKI baby

Beloved dogs of SARMIENTO and HIZON Family
Introducing... princess BUBBLES
Introducing... princess BUBBLES
They are still man's BEST FRIENDSFOREVER


  1. the dogs from the last photo...cute! hehe

    I also love my dogs, even if they're aspins :))

  2. Replies
    1. My favorite is Princess Bubbles!!! But they are all so cute! Hope I can have my own pet soon.. ;)

  3. oh your dogs are so lovely. My daughter wanted to have a puppy too but I got asthma and my youngest has allergies. So she can't have a puppy at home. Just dropping by here.

  4. awwww! your dogs are adorable and I'm sure expensive! I wish I have one also..but having those kinds of dog scare me because I am not the best dog keeper :).

  5. Tummy and Maki are definitely cuties!!! I do not have a dog here in Sweden but I really look forward to that day of getting one. :) I have two cats and I love them to bits but a dog will make me even happier.

  6. awww! those are the cutest dog ever, your daughter is so pretty too
    :-) we used to have a dog but my little is allergic so we have to wait when her health condition is better.

  7. great post and poem! :)

    I always wanted to have dogs but living in condo does not permit it. hehe

    Yes, all pets go to heaven. You'll see Tummy there :)

  8. Haha Love the names Primitivo and Amparo! They speak 'authority.' Makes me remember my neighbor's rag-looking pets that are as cute as yours.

  9. we had an askal before, loved that dog! he was also my first and last.. pero no cuddling no kisses takot pa din me e hehe.. i just wanted his presence... then he died.. super sad talaga..

    from then on.. i still love dogs.. from afar.. still no cuddling though.. hehe

    super like your dogs! (tamang appreciative na lang me hehe)

  10. Currently we have two mini pinscher and 1 lab. I hated dogs until they came but one dog really touched my heart, my dog Bruno, an askal. He was the smartest and affectionate dog I know, he died two months ago and I know I'll never love a dog as much as I love him.:(

  11. cute dogs! I love the last picture :D

  12. cute dogs! my daughter wants to have a dog too but sadly we all have allergies. :(

  13. I love the dog family photo! Such a cute hairy pooch! My sister's Cotton de Tulear never fails me laugh everytime we chat on skype.

  14. ang cute naman!!! i ahve a dog, too, pero hindi siya cute, guard dog kasi. hehehe!

  15. Such cute doggies. Mine is an ordinary hairy mongrel. His name is "Piolo Askal", 8y old. Before him was "Bunso", who died at age 13. Ha!ha! I like that family dog pic. :)

  16. It always saddens me, losing a pet. And I have only taken cared of dogs all throughout my years. They are truly 'mans bestfriend' as they will never fail in comforting you and making you smile. :)

  17. Hi Ms. Marri! Are these Shih Tzu puppies?
    They're really adorable. I love Shih Tzu are Golden Retriever. missing my pets in the Philippines now...

  18. I like Tummy for a dog's name. ^_^

  19. wow, i always wanted to one of those, they add additional delight to the family. Yahweh bless.

  20. I love your dogs:) I wish i can bring a dog in our building:(

  21. I am a dog person, right now I have a mixed breed black labrador :)

  22. Love this. We also have a toy poodle, 2 shih tzu, and three mini dachshunds. But I admit my favorite one is the poodle. Very sweet and very smart.

  23. Ang cute cute naman ng mga puppies... parang toys...


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