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Dealing with the New Generation's Mind

I found myself wondering how hard it was then for my mother to raise three daughters and a son while father was working abroad. Maybe it's different in some ways but, entirely the same from how I bring up my three kids now more so with my husband around.

Every parent has no greater joy than to see her child grow from a little huggable baby to a toddler, to adolescent and beyond. Although most mothers of today are working, we are still the women in authority when it comes to taking care of our children. We have that characteristic of maternal tenderness and affection that somehow pacifies the naturally rebellious state of our moppets. We have to understand them through ourselves.

Lizette loves her mobile phone very much
Texting is one of today's generation favorite pastime

During our younger years, when we had to ask for our oldies' permission to go out with friends or join peers for some party that we truly understand the complexities of being a parent. The annoying realities of going through what they had undergone.

Patricia acting like confused
Youths are usually dealing with boredom and helplessness 

How am I suppose to comprehend the minds of my own children? Well, the answers lie in my own senses. I use my sense of sight to see the truth in their eyes. I use my sense of smell to know if there's something stinky in their attitudes. I use my sense of taste and serve their most favorite dish that will please their appetite. I use my sense of hearing and listen to every word they have to say and I use my sense of touch to feel their deepest and innermost emotions. A mother's touch can make all the difference. My instinct never fails and I know how to deal with it.

Lizette and Patricia are constant buddies
They want FUN and RECREATION

Clarence, Dave and Patricia getting rest after a long walk
My nephew and my nieces

I can only understand what they feel only if I put myself in their shoes. I can't dwell into the notion of punishment and reward because I want them to do things right not just because they will be commended afterwards but because they know the virtue of sound judgment. I never want them to fall astray bur letting them learn the many lessons of life will make them better persons. They have to get up on their own feet. I don't just give them food.... I will teach them how to get it.

Kurt and Kiko... playing time
My two boys having bonding time together

Lizette, Kiko and yourstruly
Letting my kids feel the warmth of my embrace

I have to know what my kids want and what they hate... I have to know them from head to foot... I should be a mother and a good friend as well.


  1. That's good. You're using all your senses to keep track your children's activities. I would rather suggest the other sense: all-knowing sense, the Lord's way: "conscience" - the spirit of Christ.

  2. You're doing a good job as a mom. My daughter is well into her tweens and I am preparing myself as well. Learned a lot from you. Thanks!

  3. Kids may not like it at times, but parents really have to keep an eye on them. It's good that you're an involved parent.

  4. It all boils down to effective communication between the two generations

  5. Great thoughts. I am also seeing kids nowadays having some sort of independence in exploring what they want to know and learn. Thanks to the Internet.

  6. hands-on mom is becoming a rare commodity in today's society so i'm glad to know one in you. no amount of success can compensate for failures in the home!

  7. i guess it boils down to the trust of parents to their children and the children not breaking that trust. :)

  8. Inspiring :-) Makes me want to work harder in keeping my relationship with my 4-year old boy at its best. But still afraid when the time comes when he starts to have a mind of his own.

  9. What more can I say? Just a Happy Mother's Day. :)

  10. There are really things now that create a big gap between today's generation and previous generation. I believe the bottom line is that we need to inculcate to them the value of respect and self-control, then technology won't tear down our principles :)

  11. family bonding is the best bonding ever!


  12. good work mommy! i see that you've raised ur children well. happy mother's day!

  13. they are adorable :) happy mother's day

    im currently having a blog giveaway.
    i hope you can join :)

  14. Happy mother's day to you! I hope to be a mom too, soon! :-)

  15. Giving your TIME with your kids was the main key of this post. You cannot apply your 5 senses without being with them that close. The best parenting advice I've read so far. thank you for this post ma'am. If I am one of your kids, I really won't hesitate to tell you how proud I am.

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!

  16. i love your imagery here, ma'am marri. :)
    i cannot relate with the children part, but i agree that trusting your instinct really works.

  17. How things change. Things were much simpler then but I'm sure you're doing a great job as a mom now.

  18. Being a mother and a friend is a great compromise in bridging the generation gap.

  19. They say you will never understand your parents until you become one. So true in many ways. I bet you're a great mom, always looking out for the welfare of your kids and there's nothing more fulfilling than that, we can say that we did the role God has given us: to cultivate an important inheritance from Him.

  20. It's good to get parenting ideas from parents, friends and other sources but as you said, it is important to know about our kids ourselves. There are different kinds of parenting ways and for us to be good as a parents, we must know our kids' needs first.

  21. A mother and a friend is such a great combination. Sometimes kids are hard to comprehend but with mother's love and patience everything will become clearer and certainly will fall to their proper places.

  22. I really admire you on sharing all of these to us through your blog. i wish my mom also know how to blog. Hehe

  23. I make it a point that I don't let my kids experience what I lacked from my mom. I always show them affection and communication which I didn't feel when I was a child.

  24. I think communication is really important. That's the reason why I always talk to my son everyday, ask how school was and everything that happened when he was not with me, despite the busy schedule that I have (online and house work)

  25. I think it's all about balancing time and to make sure to learn to leave work at work. It can be very difficult, especially now there are lots of moms that are working at home, thanks to the Internet. Sure, we need the money to pay the bills and to get our kids the things that they need. But it should not come to a point that you deny your kids of your time and attention. There's just no amount of money that can replace that.


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