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Beware of STY

What do you notice about these photos?
Do you see any obvious and disturbing mark on my KIKO's face?

kiko's side view shot
Kiko's side view shot
kiko's frontal shot
Kiko's frontal shot
kiko with his fave buddy, tikoy
Kiko with his fave buddy, tikoy
Take a second glance and you will find a lump on his left eyelid.  It's a STY!  beware of this eyelid infection because it affects children more than adults.

so disturbing sty
So disturbing sty or stye
A week after our summer outing at Cattleya Resort, I noticed a lump in Kiko's left eyelid.  My husband and I, being so cautious about our children's condition... find that lump very unusual though obviously it was "kuliti" or sty, we had to take him to the doctor.  We decided to bring Kiko to an eye specialist, April 10, 2012.  The doctor prescribed Augmentin Antibiotic for 7 days, Dolan Syrup for the pain and Tobramycin eye ointment to be applied on the affected area.

WHAT IS A STY? ( Wikipedia )

It  is an infection of the sebaceous glandsof Zeis at the base of the eyelashes, or an infection of the apocrine sweat glandsof Moll. External styes form on the outside of the lids and can be seen as small red bumps. Internal styes are infections of the meibomiansebaceous glands lining the inside of the eyelids. They also cause a red bump underneath the lid with only generalized redness and swelling visible on the outside. Styes are similar to chalazia, but tend to be of smaller size and are more painful and usually produce no lasting damage. Styes are characterized by an acute onset and usually short in duration (7–10 days without treatment) compared to chalazia that are chronic and usually do not resolve without intervention.

The medication lasted and the sty seemed to be treated already but there was still a small lump.  So, we brought him to another ophthalmologist referred to us by Kiko's pediatrician at Clinica Manila located at SM Mega Mall.  This time, the eye ointment has steroid, Tobradex to be applied 3 times a day after warm compress of 10 to 15 minutes.  The doctor said that Kiko's sty may have some complications that's why it has not totally gone.

Complications of Sty ( WhereIn City Medical )

  • The infection may spread to other eyelash follicles, leading to multiple styes.
  • A chalazion (a form of scarring of the glands in the eyelid that may include the formation of cysts) is the most common complication that develops from a sty.
  • Chalazia can be large enough to deform the cornea of the eye and interfere with vision, and they may cause a cosmetic problem.
  • Other potential complications include a generalized infection (cellulitis) of the eyelid, and improper drainage of a sty may lead to deformity or disruption of eyelash growth.
  • Progression of a sty to a systemic infection (spreading throughout the body) is extremely rare, and only a few instances of such spread have been recorded.

We are on the fifth day of medication and monitoring of the lump size.  We're just hoping that that disturbing sty will go away and leave our KIKO for good.


  1. Well researched and very informative. I hope your Kiko's sty get well real soon.

  2. Is it contagious and hereditary?

  3. Poor Kiko. :( He must've acquired that from the pool water or something. :(

  4. I hope your baby will get well soon. My brother has one for how many months now he is thinking of consulting a surgeon coz it won't go away.

  5. Hope your son get well soon. Thanks for the heads up about sty, usually we simply dismiss this and say its just 'kuliti' and will will be healed in a few days. Didn't know there could be complications.

  6. very well research, at least may konti akong alam about kuliti....



  7. buti pinagamot mo kaagad bago sya lumala

  8. Good thing, he got the appropriate medications.

  9. get well soon kiko.. sana by now ok na sya

  10. I'm here again wishing his faster recovery

  11. A classmate had this when we were in college. It had to be surgically removed.

  12. OMG! When I was younger I always had to suffer having a sty! It really pisses me off :( it even left an unwanted scar on my lids and I hate it :(((

  13. my youngest has the same when he was m1 year old, just like your kiko .i left a mark on his upper lid.i brought him to pediatrician and said to just leave it ,since he is only a toddler. it will go away and just gave me an ointment. and the 2nd stye was on the lower lid. same thing, the teacher asked about it ,i said ,i brought him to the doctor already. i just let it go and now its gone.

  14. get well soon dear! its hard to see little kids hang like this! xx

  15. oh my, hopefully the sty would leave very soon.
    it is not just literally disturbing but could really disrupt eyesight. :(

  16. I hope that your Kiko would get well soon. Our youngest sibling often gets sty, too. You have to be religious in his medicines.

  17. my 4y old boy used to have sty also occasionally. The opthalmologist told me no need for surgery 'coz it will just keep on coming back because his eye area is greasy/oily (?) therefore prone to the condition. I was just advised to make sure its kept clean always.

    Hope your son will get better soon.

  18. What is the primary cause of sty? Is it not due to lack of or deficient of a certain vitamins? Or it is caused by an irritants.

  19. Not to boast but I never experienced this in my entire life :)

  20. My inaanak has the same issue. But she's ok now. Had a minor operation at st. lukes.

  21. ooh i like the way you do. talagang nagresearch ka. i hope gumaling na si kiko...

  22. oh my...hope kiko gets better soon! Styes are one of the infections overlooked and not given much attention no? Also ticks, where we are, we are required to get immunization for them...their virus can kill :/


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