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Young and the RESTLESS

When teens of today get bored... they tend to do as they please. But here are some carefree buddies who shared their common fondness.. taking their own photographs.  They decided to fight BOREDOM through a planned pictorial.  My niece, Patricia Michelle and her friends had their photo shoot at the rooftop of CAPRI OASIS, Pasig City.

Shadow border

I'm the KING of the world!

Lying on the wall

Cool SHADES are IN

Sentimental slouch

hello! ako budoy

Fresh like DOUGIE

Gazing at the corner

mad over what?

Chirping mode

the heat is on my head

looking down effect

Adolescents of the modern era can overcome weariness by being resourceful.  Having this kind of activity will develop their creativity and independence.  Their eagerness to learn is a natural instinct and their growing curiosity over a lot of things will bring them to a world that will mold their future.


  1. Nice fashion pictorial! I like the captions Sentimental Slouch and Chirping mode (don't get it). LOL

  2. haha... nice take on usual poses... i like the captions..

  3. I can't even do that Sentimental Slouch pose. That's like exerting a lot of effort and gymnast powers. LOL

  4. LOL. I guess you're right. my friends and I used to do this most of the time. :)

  5. We always do this in a not very nice way! - BOLD

  6. lovely shots! they have great potential in the field of photography, keep it up guys!

  7. I love the sentimental slouch pose! Ohh, question.. would you happen to know where she (the pretty lady from this specific photo) got/bought her oxford heels? =) I love the pair!!!

  8. I thought only girls were into dressing up and playing models. :D

  9. beautiful descriptions for each!
    you clearly had fun :>
    do more shoots! :)
    take care :D

  10. when I was young my friends and I cured boredom by putting on make-up. i guess it's not much different then from now :)

  11. i'd like to try that "gazing at the corner pose"--- it looks classic!

  12. Good for these teens when they're bored they do pictorials like this. That's a pretty good idea considering what other bored teens do with their time (drugs, pranks, etc.).

  13. Yan ang thee best way to fight off boredom. Photo shoot! Peg ko yung sentimental slouch at Looking Down effect.

  14. cool shots, that's a good medicine for boredom. enjoyed looking at the pics. Yahweh bless.

  15. this is a nice way of fighting boredom! way to go kiddos!!!

  16. Well, it's a better way to kill boredom..this will im prove their personality and their skills in projecting in fron of the camera...

  17. Nice way to kill boredom, kudos to the five of you! hehe



  18. wow :)) it's here hahaha
    that's us :))


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