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What's your DREAM HOUSE?

mye domain's dream house : ARIANA at Mahogany Place
One of MAHOGANY PLACE's Model House Ariana
Everyone of us desire to own a dream house. It may not be our ultimate goal but the need to dwell on a place we can call "home" is one of our priorities. We aim to provide a comfortable shelter for ourselves and our families.

For those who are privileged, acquiring a property is just like buying candy on a candy store. If they like it, they get it. But for those who work hard for the money, it should be worth every cent. Investing on something with a long term share on your funds is a serious matter to deal with. For some, it costs even a lifetime to own a place to stay. Lucky are those who have inherited assets like a huge land or an estate. We cannot have the same fortune as others may have. Our status in life depends on the choices we make and the providence that goes along with our names.

There are people who reached their dreams earlier than others do. But still, there are some who opted to accomplish certain goals at a later time maybe for more important reasons. One thing is for sure... at the end of the day, we long for a place to rest our tired body so that the next day, we are ready to face the world again.

Choosing the right house for the right person may vary depending on the following considerations:
  • Dwellers' Status - In Philippine setting, single people may mean, living alone or single with parents or relatives. First-time homeowners maybe newly weds, married couples with children or big families with extended relatives.
  • Lifestyle - There is no way a person has exactly the same means of living his/her life compared to others. How we want things to affect our everyday lives will constitute to the choices we make.
  • Financial Position - How much do you have in your pocket? Is it enough to buy whatever you want? Our purchasing power is dependent on our monetary resources.
Generally, there are two major types of dwelling that a first time homeowner may wish to have, a detached single unit,

Corner lot Mansion
Detached Single Unit

Mayfield Park Residences, Cainta
or a multi-unit housing like condominiums and townhouses.

Multi-unit housing like townhouses
Two-story Townhouses

For those who settle for less maintenance and worry-free environment such as single and career-oriented individuals who are preoccupied with the demands of their works. condos are very much suitable for them because they simple leave their units and never bother to think of security and safety of their places. The building is well provided with roaming guards, 24/7. These multi-unit dwellings also have exclusive amenities like swimming pool, spa, clubhouse and entertainment facilities which offer convenience to unit owners.

But if you prefer a free standing house of your own, you are ready to assume the disadvantages and advantages of living in a detached home. You will be in-charged with the maintenance and safekeeping of the house. On the other hand, you have all the means to remodel or renovate it since it is situated on a spacious lot.

Your choice is your command. Your comfort zone is your lifestyle and wherever you decide to stay shall take you to the place you can call "home".


  1. Agree with this "Your choice is your command. Your comfort zone is your lifestyle and wherever you decide to stay shall take you to the place you can call "home". Nothing beats when you feel comfortable with your family. Just a simple house may do as long as you're with your family and love ones :)

  2. These are beautiful houses but for sure I won't be able to afford it. I'd prefer the smaller units.

  3. Yes true! For us, everything should be worth a single cent!

    Those houses are amazing. But, it'll take me years to get one! :)

  4. I always wish to have a house, I don't like much the condos. Anyway just dropping by here http://www.annebianca.com

  5. We recently bought a townhouse. It is not our dream house but that's the only one we can afford. One of the thing that I considered in buying it beside the location is the developer. Even how beautiful the location and style of the house is, if the developer hasn't proven itself in the industry yet then I will not feel safe.

  6. I just finished my dream house, and I''m loving it. Its not that big but just enough for me. The construction period will surely give you a headache if you don't have extra cash it would be tough. I don't even want to know how much it costed me, I already stopped computing! Hehe.. But loving my house!! I love the feeling of having your own private place.. ;)

  7. I am at the moment saving money so I can buy a house and lot for my family back in the Philippines, hopefully next year. A townhouse or maybe a single detached house. I am opting for a single detached unit but it will all depend on my how much I'll be able to save. Oh my... I so look forward to getting a house!

  8. really hoping I'd get to achieve my dream house in the future. Doesn't have to be so big but I'm looking forward to decorating and designing it myself :)

  9. I too dream of buying my house one day , but that will take some time

  10. Oh my comment didn't went through. Anyway, for me my dream house is something made of wood too like mahogany but i want in cement too. haha i like woods parafresh hinde mainit. and Kahit not that big as long as i'm with my loveones:)

  11. I want to say That!!! Your site style "Amazing" ,And i have enjoyed your site ,Thanks...............Sharon Bush


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