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Then a BABY, now a TODDLER

What was the first word that KIKO uttered?  As I remember it right, he could baby talk as early as four months old.  The sound of his voice was seemingly making a lot of sense already. Check out this post.

Now at 2 years and 10 months old, he hardly speaks clear yet but we somehow comprehend the words he uttered first then realized later what he meant.

Is he talking to someone on the phone?

Nothing he said made sense  :(

He's making an ACT

We don't tolerate him saying baby talk. We speak to him with straight words. He's just a natural joker.  Toddlers like KIKO may start to experiment words and their modulations.  There are times that he may shout or even cry if I don't understand any word he says. It's a normal reaction. He can tell a story though "paputol-putol" with matching INHALE-EXHALE... but his version is quite understandable. He can't pronounce letter "R" that perfect but he practically knew every letter in the alphabet. 

I even documented some of his wild ( not wide yet ) vocabulary...

KU-DAYBO - can be plus (+) or minus (-) ; it depends on the type of screw
DILA - not one, not three but  (tagalog of two)
PAY-PAYS - meron nito sa jollibee at mcdo
KOLOS - can be yellow, blue, orange, etc.
DILANG - wait a minute...
NOG - kung nakaMUTE, wala nito
TI-KYU - salamat!
SO-YI - patawad...
JA-BI - hindi sya si McDO
KI-TAP - pwedeng UFC o kaya PAPA : can be tomato or banana
MIKSO - use for mixing cement
PAYDO - has eight legs and can make a web
KAYENS - name of his fave "away-bati" playmate cousin-CLARENCE
I-PA - some more
MIYON - there is
mama says : computer is not working. there's no power.
kiko says : no mama! MIYON!
SIMING - super love nila ito gawin sa kiddie pool ni Kayens
OPLEYN - hindi helicopter pero lumilipad din
HOTEY TU-YU - HBD to you !
U-AN - chair; salumpuwit
AKOT - yung may lactobacilli shirota strain
TITAY - ang paborito nyang stuffed toy na c tikoy
LAWEH' - bulaklak na d ko alam kung silent "f" o "r" o slang ang pagpronounce nya
KOLUMBUK - bumili kmi nyan kahapon sa NBS pati crayons, color pencils, etc
ATOYAN - this is the one
LI-PE'S - tsinelas
TIKA - ako "TIKA" ikaw... gets mo?
TATAS - gatas obvious po ba?
WA-TOS - tubig lng po... gnawa nyang plural ;p
A-TSI - tsaa na malamig
LAYLO - pronounce as lie-lo ; chocolate drink ; hindi sya ovaltine
TU'BASH - yung nililagyan po ng tu'paste
PASTITAP - parade sa pasig pag December (Paskotitap)
A'KIM - masarap at malamig na ice cream
INGGI BOD - laro tungkol sa galit na ibon; sikat na computer game 

Aside from being familiar with the letters, he can now write a few such as A. Just watch this.

And I'm sure, by the time he turns 3, KIKO will be a more sophisticated and hopefully smart talker. Maybe, he'll be able to carry on a sustained conversation and adjust his tone, speech patterns, and vocabulary to fit the person he's talking to in a particular situation.

By now, other adults, including strangers, should be able to understand almost everything he says, which means I won't have to do as much translating. He may even be a pro at saying his first and last name and his age — and will readily oblige when asked.


  1. Ang cute ng mga baby talks...;)

  2. kids shud b treat as like adults sometime as well. the can be great kids in the future they absorb a lot of things very easily!! xx

  3. Smart boy, your Kiko is! He's a fast learner. My niece actually started to talk much clearer when she turned 3. =)

  4. teach a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from :)

  5. Hahaha... The baby words are so cute.

  6. PAY-PAYS = French fries???
    How adorable! <3 <3
    I love babies!:3

  7. enjoy his childhood because it will be over before you know it...heheh.

  8. atatawa aman atu ta baby tok nya. di na tuloy atu runong mansalita. hahaha

  9. Ang galing ng baby talk! You should compile it and keep it so when he grows up he'll have fun looking back on these. :)

  10. it's tempting to babytalk to kids but you're right, it's better to talk to them like adults. funny that one of his first words is screwdriver :))

  11. Babies these days are really smart now. I don't do baby-talk on my 11-month old daughter yet she understands every word I say. ^_^

  12. katuwa naman to! documented lahat!!! love ko vocabulary list mo! hehehe.. palaisipan!

    talino kiko!!!

  13. naman nakakabilib! Precious moments! Buti na capture mo lahat! Matutuwa si Kiko pag nakita niya lahat ng yan pag malaki na siya!

  14. Eto ung hinihintay kong time for my lil boy. Yung nagsasalita na siya :3 ilang months na siya? :)

  15. trust me. They grow up way too fast.

  16. time runs fast...later on, you'll blog, then a toddler, now a boy...


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