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please don't ask me
if dreaming of you
is hard habit to break.
loving you, is what matters most.

you're all i need
and you keep me breathless.
because of you
i will survive.

here i am
always with open arms.
i give my all
and everything i own.

believe in me
you bring me to life.
yesterday and even now
you are my immortal.

don't give up on us
keep holding on.
even low or even high,
love will keep us alive.

where ever you will go,
take me to your heart.
because all my life
you're still the one.

but somewhere down the road
a sudden change of heart.
tears begun to flow,
the day you went away.

i have nothing
when you're gone
but i know someday,
love will lead you back.

the longer i wait
the lesser reason to hope
in my life,
nothing compares to you.

my heart will go on
and soon, i'll be over you.
time after time
you'll just be part of me.

got to go my own way
forcing myself to forget.
as tears go by,
i found my way back into love.

through the years
i've found a new love.
now that you're here
i will never let you go.
against all odds,
till death do us part...

( do these titles sound familiar to you?
then tell me your favorites.
i'll be so glad to add them to my lists )



  1. I'm not quite familiar with all of the song titles, but seems like each one is a song. I've also heard most of the songs that you've posted such as "i will survive", "my immortal", "time after time"..

  2. Ahahaha, these are popular songs when I was in high school. BBM (Brings Back Memories). Will I Survive was my former bf and I's team song. Haha. :)

  3. this is so cool...ang galing! I counted 45 ;)

  4. i love seeing so much!! that i think i know all of the song titles you have written!! such a nice idea!! xx

  5. my heart will go on! classic!:)

  6. cool! Never knew you could make a poem just from song titles of your favorite songs! Great!

  7. LOL! Was actually singing lines from varied songs while reading this!

  8. I counted 60 hahaha..not sure it was titles but i know it was a line from songs. My fave and my theme songs then and now - way back into love and you're still the one! Emo now haha

  9. Even Now & Somewhere Down the Road by Barry M. was my fave old songs. Can I request? Can you add up the song, "It Might Be You?" hahaha...

  10. I saw around 20-30 song titles. ^_^

  11. Hehe, cool poem. Not very familiar with song titles but yes, I'm curious. How many are there? :)

  12. ang dami ,parang more than 100 songs title in one song.

  13. pop songs written in a free verse poem. I'm happy that some of my fave songs are there. Some of my songs may include the following: walk away, don't let the sun catch you crying. april love, too young, moon river, among others.

  14. What an interesting interweaving of song titles / lines from a song! I'm familiar with a lot of them. The sequence is so amazing that they turned out to be a nice poem. :-)

  15. Yay I saw a lot of songs here lol it brought me back to the old song hits. hehehe thansk for the visit

  16. i'm amazed though I don't know everything but it takes time to think and come up something like this! L(

  17. i guess i just saw 24 song titles. :)))

  18. This is a very cool post. I miss the song hits from yesteryears

  19. Sabi ko na e ... parang pinagsama sama mo ang mga songs hahaha

  20. I've last count since lagi may iba ibang songs na nagplay sa mind ko while reading your post.

  21. Neat! Most of those songs are regular in my track! Chicago, Air Supply, Barry Manilow, David Pomeranz are among my favorites...great, now I feel like singing!

  22. Hit na hit mga song titles. Most are familiar to me but not all ")

  23. Nice one. Great creation you got there. The creative side of your brains really works.

  24. Neat.. As a music lover I think I'm not familiar with 2 or 3 titles in here.

  25. cool! creative way of creating a list of your fave songs :)

  26. Oh my! This is so creative sis! :D It reminded me of songhits too which was big back when I was in elementary. We'd always bring copies in class, sing ad play the guitar following the lyrics and chords on our songhits.. XD Anyway, love your really creative song titles poem!


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