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Little Mind's Wish

As young as she is and as naive, 
DREAMING is something beyond her time.  
It's like reaching for a STAR twinkling in a night sky.
She wants to look like a young lady.
She's fond of photo editing using
Look at her beautiful yet simple creations.


Claire Dave Ellis D. Magos, my pretty niece who is turning eleven this May.
She's bubbly but smart... petite yet her charm illuminates 
as her eyes sparkle like crystals.


  1. She has a cute smile and pretty eyes too. Thanks for the visit! :D

  2. awww, pretty! She's like my daughter, always fully made up as if going to a party. Haha. Cute.:)

  3. Hmmm. this kiddo surely has a good future :)

  4. She is so pretty and smart .Acute little girl with a mind of an adult when it comes to photo shooting

  5. She's cute, I agree. Making herself look admirable by enhancing her beauty is a normal activity of a girl. In our country, beautiful is preferred to be hired for employment, but in other countries beautiful ladies find it hard to get a job. Hope she will be a good girl and a proud daughter of her parents someday.

  6. she is so cute.. i'm sure she makes her parents proud of her

  7. She's a pretty girl. But just from my my personal note, I'm quite disappointed to see kids wearing makeup. As a Filipina adult I had fun during my childhood doing things that kids normally do and I want all the kids to have a chance like that, when they are in proper age they will enjoy makeup and all. Sometimes I go to work and see kids and young teenagers wearing makeup at school which is so disappointing. They should act their age and enjoy being youth, when they are at my age now they may look back and regret their childhood days. Just my 2 cents. ;)

    1. I agree with you Ms.Violy. it's too early for Dave to put make up on. There are substances that may harm her young skin so what she did was... edit her photos using TAAZ photo makeover.

  8. Pretty indeed! I pray that she'll grow to be a fine young lady and so to keep her parents and her family proud of her.

  9. Hong kyut!!! :)
    I watched my only sister grow up to be a fine lady..
    But I think she skipped this stage bcoz at an early age, her love affair was with the tons of school books that she carried everyday.
    new generations are really different than their predecessors.

  10. cute little lady! and nice apps, need to learn more on photo editing myself ;)

  11. It's nice to know that there's really user-friendly photo-editing stuff out there.

  12. indeed she's looking so bubbly! :)

  13. Cute eyes, hehe



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