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KIKO's little milestones at 34 months

KIKO, being my youngest and I should say... my only child who experienced my utmost TLC from time of birth up to this moment.  My two other children had felt my motherly care as well but I was working during those years and I had to leave them and let their nanny took over in my behalf.

So, every little accomplishment of KIKO is never missed and is properly documented.  He is almost three years old and I am pleased with his intellectual capacities so as a dedicated mother... I really teach him the basics in coloring and now he's learning to trace and write.

He traced his name: Francis Dan Riel D. Bermudez
He traced his full name: Francis Dan Riel D. Bermudez

He made an art and traced his nickname
He made an art and traced his nickname 

In this video... I draw a ball on a piece of bond paper and I indicated the word ball with a lighter shade of crayon and he traced the letters and the ball as well.  According to Primary School @ suite 101:

"A child can begin to write if he or she is ready and interested. This notion of “readiness” is very important as children are all different and may not reach the stage of readiness at the same time. If a child can hold a pencil or pen in a steady, comfortable three-finger grasp, then this may be a sign that he or she is ready to form letters.

When young children first “put pen to paper” they are mark-making rather than engaging in conventional writing. Their marks are significant because they have intention and purpose and are very personal. These kinds of marks should be encouraged and praised as this will build confidence and help the developing child to feel like a valued writer.

Some children enjoy practicing handwriting and will want to trace handwriting patterns repeatedly, which is fine if the child chooses to do this. However, it is important to remember that early writing should be a joyful, empowering process, led by the child, rather than merely a series of exercises and drills."



  1. Congratulations little boy! Keep it up!

  2. It's really sweet when a mom tries to document the little accomplishments of their kids... my mom also did a few of those... and even kept some of my art works when i was little.. I will be forever grateful to her for doing that...

  3. how i wished i had a blog then, a page is a good place to showcase kid's accomplishments as they grow, to chronicle every detail for them to see and treasure too when they grow

  4. I am very inspired by you Ms. Marri.. I would like to be as attentive and as caring as you when I have kids of my own. I actually love how you can be so attentive to your kids especially for kiko. I'm sure he appreciates the time and effort that you provide him. ANd kiko is a smart boy. I'm actually sad that my 5-year old niece still doesn't know how to write words too well.. but there's still hope for that!

    1. KIKO is so much attached to me and I can't imagine myself working again and leaving him behind. I am also inspired by the way you live your life MAI... You're young yet you've already gone to places I've never been. Just take care always especially during your trips-BUDGET BYAHERA

  5. wtg! Kiko keep it up and great job Momi :-)


  6. wow, that's already one step ahead!

    great job kiko and mommy!



  7. Wow, such a smart kid and will soon give more reasons for his parents to be proud and happy! Way yo go!

  8. Do keep encouraging your little boy to write and form words. Most likely he might like anything that is related to arts and writing. It won't be long and you'd applaud a lot of his little accomplishments as early as the elementary years!

  9. Yeah..long way to go Kiko. Congratulations proud mathah (mother)! :)

  10. My three-year old son loves coloring but he is not yet into handwriting. It is important for moms like us to teach our child with their first writing. That is a good Mommy-child bonding.

  11. congratulations! every little milestone that our kids have bring such great joy to children ^_^ great to have digital pictures and videos around! :)

  12. congrats Kiko kaya mo yan, heheh mami i frame mo yung gawa nya, cool pag nakikita nia at malaki na sya

  13. very impressive for a little boy (2 years and 10 months) to do these tracing and writing. i bet, the parents are very proud of him... keep it up... Yahweh bless.

  14. Go Kiko! You can do it! :) My niece is the same age as Kiko and one can see their interest to learn. Kiko is making good progress and I know that in the coming days he will gain more skills. :)

  15. great job mommy! Way to go baby :)

  16. congratulations! It's really nice to document our kids' milestones! I'm sure there's more to add as your baby grows!


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