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KIKO and "BABY" by JB

Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhhh!

The  SONG...
The  SINGER...

Most of us are music lovers and sometimes we forget about problems in life just listening to our favorite songs.  Music somehow lightens up our mood and  just hearing the best sounds either old or new freshen up our soul.

We, Filipinos are fond of singing and we love 'videoke" or "kareoke".  While the young generations like my daughter Lizette and my sons, Kurt and Kiko are die-hard music lovers as well.  They download songs and sync into the Ipod ( they're using my old IPod Nano). They just want to listen and sing with the tunes. 

There was this one song that almost broke my eardrums because my daughter would repeatedly play it over and over and over.  It became a Worldwide Anthem and I almost memorize the lyrics of the "broken record" hit of no less than "THE" Justin Bieber of the young generation.  But it was then... when he dominated almost every award-giving bodies in the music industry. It became a phenomenal hit that tops music charts all over the planet.

Young girls were head over heels with JB and his songs.  Actually, my daughter is a huge fan but i don't think until now.  He's loosing that boyish image in which the fans got crazy about.  He seems to be loosing that overwhelming charisma.

But our Kiko had his own dance version of that BABY song. 




  1. JB is not a 'Baby' anymore.. :D at least yan hindi ung mga hardrock na makabasag eardrum talaga. pwede pa pagtyagaan pakinggan..lol...

  2. wow this is cute, hahaha I remember my son's first song hari ng sablay.

  3. ahaha, my son would sing this too but he's more of a Michael Jackson fan so yun naman ang LSS dito lagi sa bahay :)

  4. this is soo cute. Jb is a baby no more. jb reminds me of my childhood memories

  5. We were still in the Phils nung sikat yang song na yan. My kids forgot all about it until last month when they heard it sa fone ng daddy nila. now they always request for it.

  6. I think JB is maturing already which I think is good for him as a performer. Recall also that the Baby song is a popular tune in children parties where a burger chain mascot often love to dance to it.

  7. Never really liked Justin Bieber.. But I super like Kiko's version of Baby! Such a cutey! =)

  8. I was glad my daughter was not a Bieber fan. We were spared having to bring her to her concert. Haha! His latest song on the Hot 100 is entitled "Boyfriend". I wonder what that is about?

  9. both of my sons naman are beatles fanatics, hehe

  10. My daughter loves rock. She's 2-year old. Ganun talaga, mana-mana lang. Never like Bieber too and all of songs on his genre. Pag makakakanta na si Zenkie, videohan ko din.

  11. My daughter loves to sing this song but too and I hope she will only sing this and not like the artist :P .. I dont really like this guy... LOL

  12. Nice, cute dance of Kiko! :) Thpugh I am also not a fan of JB. Hehehe. :)

  13. I agree he is growing old now, and had a little attitude or maybe I just observed it, but still I love his music

  14. hahaha ang cute..... sobrang bibong bata!!

  15. I hate this song. Sadly, my toddler love this song too. :(


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