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Is it about RACISM? Jessica... saved!

Just watch this video on how the three judges: Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez  of season 11 "AMERICAN IDOL" used their  ONE SAVE for Fil-Mexican Jessica Sanchez,  who surprisingly received the lowest amount of votes.

Is this a case of discrimination not elimination?  Several opinions coming from different individuals.

Celebrities like:

RANDY JACKSON    -    "We are saving Jessica Sanchez without any doubt. Let me just say this. This girl is one of the best singers in America. Are you kidding me? Everybody please vote for the best! It's about finding the best!"

JIMMY LOVINE           -     "If Jessica leaves, they all must leave."

Coming from a common TAO:

"After several seasons, not even one Asian-American got the title. Jasmin Trias could only land third. Currently, Jessica Sanchez is fighting out and was saved only by the three judges to remain in the competition. Well, defenders of the American Idol would argue that there was a Black in the person of Jennifer Hudson who won. But what about the other winners? All whites. Recently, all the contestants were paired to sing duet. Jessica was paired with another minority, a Black named Joshua, and the pair performed very well and in fact they had the best performance of the night. The other contestants, all Whites, were paired one another. Nevertheless, many are hoping that an Asian would make it this time. But since Jessica landed among the three bottom last night, there's no guarantee that she would stay till the top three. What's going on with America? American Idol is indeed only for mainstream meaning whites."

Is it about "RACISM" ?

This is not about a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races  determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race  is superior and has the right to rule others.

I just hope American Idol management will stick to their rules and make it FAIR enough for all the remaining hopefuls.

JESSICA is gifted...
GOD gave her incomparable talent.
She may not win this competition but she will taste VICTORY somewhere else.


  1. This is actually the problem with shows relying mostly on voters. People with REAL talent get eliminated 'cause they might've lacked supporters or maybe due to discrimination. But whatever happens, I'd still support Jessica Sanchez. She's THE total performer!

  2. This is pretty bad if its true. Racism of any kind is bad and it only breeds anger and hate on both sides

  3. Glad that the three AI judges spoke up and stood their grounds! She truly deserves to be there.

  4. Whenever she fails to win the title, I know she will make big. bigger than the winnder! Go Jessica!!!

  5. I love how Jennifer Lopez reacted when Jessica's name was called. I loved her even more when she and the two other judges rushed to the stage to push Jessica back to the line of the contestants.

    From the looks of it, Jessica will not hit the the title but Edmar is right, Jessica will make it even bigger than the winner.

  6. we should face the fact that racism still IN US. Minorities, including PH are being treated differently, that's the paradox in US.. whatever happens at least Jessica shows to the world what she can.. She's great and talented, and audience can feel her passion on her singing.


  7. I think these types of shows are great exposure for talented singers ... whether they win or not! And the more support from the judges, the better!

  8. I don't think it's a matter of racism. It's just that the tween population have better access to voting lines now and voters are allowed to vote more than once. Who do you think they'll vote for? Naturally they won't vote for a girl. They'd vote for a cute guy.

    The winners of the past several seasons are proof that cute guys bring home the votes...

  9. I am just happy Jessica was saved by the judges. Seriously, America should vote for the best! So please vote for Jessica! :)

  10. Jessica was saved ,it is good to know that the judges stand up for the right decision .the voters just voted for her favorite and not for the best.

  11. Jessica is talented, she's effortlessly good, definitely deserves a spot at Idol.

  12. victim of racism...poor girl..its hard to be a multi-racial in this competition...sad sad sad


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