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Here comes the JELLYFISH!

SUMMER time is here again and everyone seems to be going just ANYWHERE... as long as there is FUN under the SUN.  Can be camping out, heading for the beach or even visiting places abroad for a memorable vacation.

The most common is having the thrill of the wonderful beaches.  There are people who like the depths of the sea and the creatures rambling in the deep.


jellyfish... beautiful but deadly
Colorful jelly fish

They are brainless but have brilliant characteristics that serve as their defense mechanism. They can detect light and respond to it through their nervous system. They survived on earth for more than 650 million years. Oceans, rivers, seas and even lakes are their habitat.

They are boneless. They capture prey for food. Thousands of tiny stinging cells burst out that poison any victim. These dangerous creatures are semi-transparent and have an umbrella-like body with a net of tentacles. Some of them are deadly but some are not that harmful to human. They are 95 percent water and the remaining part is their solid form.

Actually, I never had a chance to see a single jellyfish in my life. I just found them very interesting and unique through reading articles about them and having seen their images makes me more fascinated. They varied in colors and shapes. As they float to the water, their soft long bodies swim like dancing umbrellas.

Maybe one day... I will get to see one and this is what I may say:

"Here comes the jellyfish."


  1. first time i've seen jellyfish was christmas 2010 at Digos >.< and there were a lot of it :3

    they were all dead though lol

    here's a photo:

  2. first time I ever saw a jellyfish, it was in shallow parts of the sea, but t'was dead...the 2nd time i saw one, is when I got stung by it.... very itchy indeed!!!


  3. so lovely to look at but you certainly don't want them for a swim buddy. :D

  4. Jellyfish are one of the wonderful thing to observe in a water tube. its beauty is a wonder. but swimming with it in the beach could be deadly. watch out for it when it rains because they love the cold waters.

  5. ang ganda ng jelly fish ,nakita ko kagandahan nyan sa finding Nemo movie, kakatuwa very colorful sila

  6. It is very to see jellyfish against the light in aquarium. Everything inside its body is visible because of its transparent flesh. Jellyfish has its defense against its predator and that's is very poisonous.

  7. namiss ko galera dahil dito sa post mo na to...
    the jellfish!!!

  8. sa ocean park we were able to look at the dancing jelly fishes in aquariums :)they're beautiful indeed

  9. very nice.. ganda ng kulay!

  10. Jellyfish is what you will call 'beauty but deadly' but there are some type of jellyfish that are harmless and not poisonous and you can touch them.

  11. You should check out manila ocean park. Ang daming jelly fish dun eh.

  12. I like jellyfish even as a child, but when I found out how dangerous their sting can be, it made me quite scared to encounter one.. >.<

  13. haven't seen one either. they indeed are beautiful creatures.

  14. beautiful creatures but it's best to stay and admire them from afar :)

    Would love to see them in a giant aquarium :)

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