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EMOTIONS written by hand

pen and pare on top of your desk

Pen and paper
on top of your desk.

Thoughts are yet
to surface
and words are
filling up the
blank piece.

Your mind is telling
what your heart contains.

Sadness, joy
gratitude, sorrow
or maybe fear
excitement and thrill.

Every stroke of your hand
conveys your innermost.

It's something much
more meaningful
and romantic.

A letter written by hand.
a treasure to keep...
A memory of sentiments
marked with the ink
of your heart.


  1. Such beautiful Words! I feel your emotion! It is so true that we transmute our feelings even in the written word .

  2. even One Small Word Leads to Thousands More...best of luck :)

  3. It feels bittersweet to actually put your thoughts and feelings to words because sometimes, when you put too much, it hurts. when you just can't really pour anything, it just frustrates you.

  4. very poetic! :) sometimes, i still want to write down my feelings via pen and paper. :)

  5. Nice poem, writing is really a nice outlet for problems and frustrations

  6. In a world of keyboards and electronic communication devices, it's nice to sometimes sit down with a piece of paper and just write... :)

  7. sometimes I feel more comfortable when I write my feelings by hand. Because I could just pour my emotions easily unlike through lappy or computering so many distractions!

  8. ang ganda... ILIKE tong line na to.. A letter written by hand.a treasure to keep... ang ganda...

  9. Very well said.. there are things we cannot express through words of mouth, but when you write the emotions overflow.

  10. it has been a while since i last wrote a letter by hand, eversince i got my own laptop, i do letters electronically written, thanks for the reminder, it's really much appreciative to receive a handwritten letter :)

  11. beautiful words... ang galing!

  12. how poetic. you have that Shakespearean gift. keep writing.

  13. I liked every words that you've written, it really is poetic, I'm sure many poets can relate also

  14. I truly feel happy when I receive postcards and hand-written messages, so nostalgic!

  15. Well-written sis.. I felt your words. Goosies allover while I was reading your post.. *hugs*

  16. perfect.Such a meaningful piece. i so love it. :)

  17. i'm not gifted with poetic tongue, kaya i really look up to those who can do such without battling an eyelash...

  18. Ah... so refreshing to read poetry after all the standard blog posts of the previous days (mine included, lol).

    "Every stroke of your hand conveys your innermost..." I like it.

  19. Yes, I definitely agree that hand-written messages are more meaningful and treasure-able (okay, this is just a made up work). It's just unfortunate that with all the advancements in technology, less and less people bother to write by hand.

  20. writings is the best way to express your keeping emotions.. very true, and you will feel its power

  21. i used to write for pen-pals, and i love receiving letters too especially lovely poems, back in high school. kind of miss it, but people prefer e-mailing nowadays. writing has been therapeutic for me in so many ways. :)


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