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emotion is needed to love a person
I LOVE YOU are not just words to say
but actions to do.

faith is needed to share the same belief
Some people can hardly find love..
but others are just fortunate for
it is LOVE that finds them.

flexibility is needed to accept each others' personality
MARRIAGE is not about
LOVE that counts the flaws
but about COURAGE
to never stop correcting them.

openness is needed to understand what goes in your mind
Communication is an integral part
of any relationship...
It cures a furious heart
and settles differences.

romance is needed to keep the flame alive
LOVE is delicious...
We'll never have enough bite to get full 

truth is needed to earn trust
A long-lasting relationship
needs a well-built foundation.

LOVERS should have an endless

string that is...
FIRE resistant.
It should be a STRONG BOND
that will connect the
HEARTS forever.

All of these need 
If one is lacking in a relationship...
believe me, it will never work out.


  1. so sweeeeeeeeet naman.. i agree on this one. "LOVING is not just words to say but actions to do."

  2. very well said.. I completely agree! :) Cheers to EFFORT! :)

  3. need i say more? you said it very well, nice pics :)

  4. I definitely agree with your post! I hope I could apply all those to mine. Goodluck to me! Thanks for sharing and keep the flame alive! :)

  5. The quotes you have shared are all empowering. I hope couples will read this to be inspired :)

  6. Sweet..
    Gandang mga quotes.. :)

  7. Your post is unique. I love the aphorism you put in here.
    I could not agree with you more, EFFORT would really work.
    May more relationships be blessed. :D

  8. So true!! I love this post!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. beautiful thoughts! there will always be time for love, and love really needs EFFORT. =)

  10. "Communication is an integral part
    of any relationship...
    It cures a furious heart
    and settles differences."

    this is so true :)

  11. and lucky are those persons who found their other half. :)

  12. and put Yahweh in the center of your relationship... you'll never get wrong... Yahweh bless.

  13. Love this! will definitely keep EFFORT in mind...

  14. I very much agree, love and perseverance, come hand in hand too.. :)

  15. uuyyyy, super sweet naman! :)
    and yes, I agree to every little thing you said.
    EFFOrt! :)

  16. Yes, Life is all about giving effort :)

    Thank you for this visual acronym for Effort.

  17. EFFORT kung effort..hehe! This is a very nice post.

  18. such a very nice post. i think every couple should really learn to make an effort in every aspect of their relationship to work. couldn't agree more!

  19. A must read for couples out there. I will take note of this one for future reference....:-)

  20. Love requires EFFORT and you said it best with this post.

  21. very well said :) love is a continous process of getting to know each other, to add more, there should be patience, understanding and trust too :)

  22. oh, I was discussing this last night with my husband hehe...at times he doesn't get so vocal but yeah, effort! :D

  23. lovely pics :) very sweet post!

  24. nowadays it's easy for couple to let go of the person who once they've love wholeheartedly. i hope they realize these points.

  25. Spell check. Double s is openness.

    1. Oh I overlooked this one... I will try to edit the photo but when you try to point your cursor in the photo itself... it's openness with the double ss. Thanks Sir Gil :)


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