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Desire of the HEART

Life is what we make it.
Everyone has own time to travel.
Nobody can beat the clock.
It's either we walk slowly or take the fastest flight to reach the top.
It's either you win over a game or you pass a chance of good luck.

Some people are born "providential" just meeting unforeseen success.
Yet some others never taste a little of anything superb.
If only we can have that magic wand or the lamp which make wishes come true...
We will be living on a dream world.

But life is not merely getting what we want...
It's not always a bed or roses.
Life is the quality of our existence and the essence of our being.
It's a journey to pursue our destiny.
We seek the truth... and strengthen our immortal soul.

Kids wish upon a star because life for them is simple, uncomplicated.
But as we grow, our dreams become bigger and wishing upon a star is likely driven away.
We make a wish through our hearts by praying.
We ask for His divine guidance to reaching and fulfilling our purpose.


  1. I so agree! Love this post so much.. thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. Ganda naman po ng Post nyo... :)

  3. A very well written post! I have to agree with what you've written here

  4. Life indeed is what we make it...whatever circumstance we encounter, be it good or bad, consider them temporary, they will all pass like the weather, so make sure you've gained from each encounter the most important thing...wisdom... Yahweh bless.

  5. your post makes my day :-) spending time with your loved-ones are the best moments ever :-) Life your life to the fullest.

  6. Wonderful post. :)

    I rarely view blogs that posts such inspiring words nowadays. There used to be more of them back when I first started blogging. :)

  7. I so agree with the statement life is not a bed of roses because along the way each one of us has some trials and storms to face no matter how we want to avoid it. Visiting you here..

  8. very well said...,

    back when i was i used to believe that wishing on a well would always come true....

    but now, I have faith in all my prayers to God


  9. A wisdom-filled post. Thank you so much for sharing for there is so much to learn from your post.

    Take care and God bless! :-)

  10. This is what life is. It's like a roller coaster. It's bitter sometimes yet so sweet..=)

  11. It reminds me of the movie, "Life is Beautiful."

  12. Agree with you .Just the other day ,my 13 years old told me about lifes reality. sabi nya,life changes everday for the better, tama naman at sabi ko"kung hirap dati last year ,susnod na taon ay hindi na masyafo at paasenso na habang tumatagal lalo na ta nagsikap at nag aral".

  13. Beautiful Blog post! Inspiring! Thank you!

  14. And I will carry this thoughts as I go to sleep tonight. This is a good read to cap the day.:)

  15. Small things come from small beginnings. Small things start with simple desires - and because you start to believe it will come true...before you knew it - it's right there. When you desire, believe that you will have it and you will. God will make it possible if that's what you are meant to have.

  16. great post about the facts of life.. I myself used to wish upon a star when I was a kid :)

  17. Well written post. U really have a poetic mind.. Keep it up

  18. whatever happens in life we should always remember to live life to the fullest :)


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