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Being a TEENAGER in this digital age

I have three kids
Who brought me to the world
I've never imagined I would be.

LIZETTE is my one and only daughter...
At sweet sixteen, she's grown up to be 
an eyeful young empress.

Our bundle of joy
in the person of KIKO... 
The reason of our joy and fondness.
Truly a rambling prince in our palace.

And I had KURT...
thirteen years back.
The duke in our empire.
Easy-go-lucky... funny and still playful.
Now, a teenager in this new millennium.

Kurt taking a rest from a tiring game

He knows chess...
though  he's not a grand master.
He can swim...
but he's no Michael Phelps.
He plays the guitar...
And his wildest dream is to be,
like the famous Sungha Jung.
He loves to play  basketball...
and how I wish I can bring Kobe home 
and let him see his idol face to face.

Kurt is neither a TETRIS addict
nor a DOTA enthusiast...
nor a Crossfire fanatic too.
He's just one of the boys... wanting to have some fun.
Temple Run is added to his list...
I wonder, what will be the next crazy game.

He's growing up...
YEAH! He's getting taller.
Hopefully... gaining more pounds...
firmer muscles
stronger bones
wiser and brighter.

my son...
All I wish is,
you to achieve your dreams
and ambitions in life.
May you carry on the good values 
that your PAPA and I teach you.
Be respectful to others as you want other people
to respect you as well.


  1. Welcome to the teenage world. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Happy Birthday! ang bilis ng time!!!!

  3. Aww.. This is so sweet. I wish all the best for Kurt. I'm sure he'll grow into your kind, loving, smart and handsome son. Hope he enjoys teenhood. Happy birthday! :)

  4. All I can say is happy birthday to you. Birthdays are great, just make a wish.

  5. Aww, may teenager ka na mommy hurray!!!... ako nag i start pa lang

  6. I love the way you tell your life stories, especially when it comes to your kids. How you love and care for them, how you show it... You have so much love, that it exudes.. I can feel it!

  7. Looks like you've raised your boy as a well-rounded kid. Good job mommy!

    Happy birthday to your son!

  8. I have a son who is past his teenage years and i'm so grateful that he turned out fine...in fact, he's great.


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