Here comes the JELLYFISH!

SUMMER time is here again and everyone seems to be going just ANYWHERE... as long as there is FUN under the SUN.  Can be camping out, heading for the beach or even visiting places abroad for a memorable vacation.

The most common is having the thrill of the wonderful beaches.  There are people who like the depths of the sea and the creatures rambling in the deep.


jellyfish... beautiful but deadly
Colorful jelly fish

They are brainless but have brilliant characteristics that serve as their defense mechanism. They can detect light and respond to it through their nervous system. They survived on earth for more than 650 million years. Oceans, rivers, seas and even lakes are their habitat.

They are boneless. They capture prey for food. Thousands of tiny stinging cells burst out that poison any victim. These dangerous creatures are semi-transparent and have an umbrella-like body with a net of tentacles. Some of them are deadly but some are not that harmful to human. They are 95 percent water and the remaining part is their solid form.

Actually, I never had a chance to see a single jellyfish in my life. I just found them very interesting and unique through reading articles about them and having seen their images makes me more fascinated. They varied in colors and shapes. As they float to the water, their soft long bodies swim like dancing umbrellas.

Maybe one day... I will get to see one and this is what I may say:

"Here comes the jellyfish."


emotion is needed to love a person
I LOVE YOU are not just words to say
but actions to do.

faith is needed to share the same belief
Some people can hardly find love..
but others are just fortunate for
it is LOVE that finds them.

flexibility is needed to accept each others' personality
MARRIAGE is not about
LOVE that counts the flaws
but about COURAGE
to never stop correcting them.

openness is needed to understand what goes in your mind
Communication is an integral part
of any relationship...
It cures a furious heart
and settles differences.

romance is needed to keep the flame alive
LOVE is delicious...
We'll never have enough bite to get full 

truth is needed to earn trust
A long-lasting relationship
needs a well-built foundation.

LOVERS should have an endless

string that is...
FIRE resistant.
It should be a STRONG BOND
that will connect the
HEARTS forever.

All of these need 
If one is lacking in a relationship...
believe me, it will never work out.



please don't ask me
if dreaming of you
is hard habit to break.
loving you, is what matters most.

you're all i need
and you keep me breathless.
because of you
i will survive.

here i am
always with open arms.
i give my all
and everything i own.

believe in me
you bring me to life.
yesterday and even now
you are my immortal.

don't give up on us
keep holding on.
even low or even high,
love will keep us alive.

where ever you will go,
take me to your heart.
because all my life
you're still the one.

but somewhere down the road
a sudden change of heart.
tears begun to flow,
the day you went away.

i have nothing
when you're gone
but i know someday,
love will lead you back.

the longer i wait
the lesser reason to hope
in my life,
nothing compares to you.

my heart will go on
and soon, i'll be over you.
time after time
you'll just be part of me.

got to go my own way
forcing myself to forget.
as tears go by,
i found my way back into love.

through the years
i've found a new love.
now that you're here
i will never let you go.
against all odds,
till death do us part...

( do these titles sound familiar to you?
then tell me your favorites.
i'll be so glad to add them to my lists )


PYE at Kagay: CDO Whitewater Rafting Voyage

PYE, as I dearly call my husband... went for a summer getaway with his office mates at the exciting Cagayan De Oro Whitewater Rafting Voyage

The adventure was so breathtaking that he still felt the rush of adrenalin.  This is not his first time to experience the thrill of overcoming rapids one after the other while enjoying the glimpse of a panoramic view of the river rock walls and the surrounding green vegetation.

What an intensifying journey...

Really it was !!!

Start the BOAT rolling...
Start the BOAT rolling...

Others were getting ready...
Others were getting ready...

The boats were sailing along with the silent waters... yet
The boats were sailing along with the silent waters... yet

Slowly submerging into the river...
Slowly submerging into the river...

PYE seemingly too relax to panic yet
PYE seemingly too relax to panic yet

The water splashed... the "WHITE WATER" as they call it
The water splashed... the "WHITE WATER" as they call it

Refreshing mini water falls
Refreshing mini water falls

Enjoying the SHOWER?
Enjoying the SHOWER?

Got a quick plunge into the river
Got a quick plunge into the river

Oooops!  Resting but another rapid's ahead...
Oooops!  Resting but another rapid's ahead...

FUN FUN FUN !  This fast-running river seems endless
FUN FUN FUN !  This fast-running river seems endless

Job well done, everyone!
Congratulations to everyone who finished with flying colors

Cagayan de Oro’s Premiere Whitewater Rafting
Contact details:
  • EMAIL                               :
  • Mobile Numbers                :     63-0917-712-2442 /  63-0917-712-2323
  • Office                               :     088-310-4002  /  088-852-1021
  • Address                           :      #21 Pres. Aguinaldo St., Cagayan de Oro City
  Look for Mr. Dan KaamiƱo

                                       Trip Schedules                                           

Pick-up Time
Morning Trip      7:30 A.M.
Afternoon Trip  12:30 NOON

Run and Rates
1. Beginners Course P700 / head
( 3hrs. Actual River Run ) 14 Rapids
Class I-II Minimum of 6 pax

2. Advance Course P1000 / head
( 4hrs. Actual River Run ) 24 Rapids
Class II-IV Minimum of 6 pax

3. Experts I Course P1200 / head
( 2hrs. Actual River Run ) 14 Rapids
Class III Minimum of 6 pax


Jeepney transfer from City Tourism Showhaus, DV-Soria or at your Hotel within city proper to Put-in
From Take-out back to the City.
Helmets, life vests and paddles will be provided.
Optional Add-Ons:

Pictures P250/CD for Basic or Experts Course, P300/CD for Advance Course.
Video P1000
Lunch P180 / head
Caving/Spelunking P1200 / head Minimum of 6 pax

6-8    PERSONS    P2400/HEAD
9-10  PERSONS    P2150/HEAD

6-8    PERSONS    P2100/HEAD
9-10  PERSONS    P1850/HEAD

7:00 AM   Van or MPV(depending on the weather)Pick-up at Hotel within City Proper
7:30 A.M.  Proceed to Dahilayan Park ZipZone
9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.   Dahilayan Park Proper, Zipline Fees All Rides
12:30 P.M.    Eat All you can at CDO
1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.   Rafting Proper with Free Photo
5:30 P.M.    BACK TO HOTEL



7:30 A.M.   Pick up time at your Hotel or Airport
8:00 A.M. - 12:00 NOON    Rafting Proper with Free Photo
12:30 P.M.   Lunch
1:00 P.M.    Macahambus Adventure Park
1:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.   Spelunking Proper
5:30 P.M.    BACK TO HOTEL

6-8    PERSONS    P1450/HEAD
9-10  PERSONS    P1350/HEAD

6-8    PERSONS    P1150/HEAD
9-10  PERSONS    P1050/HEAD

7:30 A.M.   Pick up time at your Hotel
8:00 A.M. – 8:30 A.M.    Macahambus Adventure Park
9:00 A.M. - 12:00 NOON.  Rafting Proper with Free Photo
1:00 P.M.   Lunch (plate-in)
1:30 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.  BACK TO HOTEL

Van Rental CDO to Balingoan port - P3500
Van Rental CDO to Dahilayan Park, Del Monte Plantation to CDO - P3500
Car Rental - Self-Drive available.


Desire of the HEART

Life is what we make it.
Everyone has own time to travel.
Nobody can beat the clock.
It's either we walk slowly or take the fastest flight to reach the top.
It's either you win over a game or you pass a chance of good luck.

Some people are born "providential" just meeting unforeseen success.
Yet some others never taste a little of anything superb.
If only we can have that magic wand or the lamp which make wishes come true...
We will be living on a dream world.

But life is not merely getting what we want...
It's not always a bed or roses.
Life is the quality of our existence and the essence of our being.
It's a journey to pursue our destiny.
We seek the truth... and strengthen our immortal soul.

Kids wish upon a star because life for them is simple, uncomplicated.
But as we grow, our dreams become bigger and wishing upon a star is likely driven away.
We make a wish through our hearts by praying.
We ask for His divine guidance to reaching and fulfilling our purpose.

KIKO's little milestones at 34 months

KIKO, being my youngest and I should say... my only child who experienced my utmost TLC from time of birth up to this moment.  My two other children had felt my motherly care as well but I was working during those years and I had to leave them and let their nanny took over in my behalf.

So, every little accomplishment of KIKO is never missed and is properly documented.  He is almost three years old and I am pleased with his intellectual capacities so as a dedicated mother... I really teach him the basics in coloring and now he's learning to trace and write.

He traced his name: Francis Dan Riel D. Bermudez
He traced his full name: Francis Dan Riel D. Bermudez

He made an art and traced his nickname
He made an art and traced his nickname 

In this video... I draw a ball on a piece of bond paper and I indicated the word ball with a lighter shade of crayon and he traced the letters and the ball as well.  According to Primary School @ suite 101:

"A child can begin to write if he or she is ready and interested. This notion of “readiness” is very important as children are all different and may not reach the stage of readiness at the same time. If a child can hold a pencil or pen in a steady, comfortable three-finger grasp, then this may be a sign that he or she is ready to form letters.

When young children first “put pen to paper” they are mark-making rather than engaging in conventional writing. Their marks are significant because they have intention and purpose and are very personal. These kinds of marks should be encouraged and praised as this will build confidence and help the developing child to feel like a valued writer.

Some children enjoy practicing handwriting and will want to trace handwriting patterns repeatedly, which is fine if the child chooses to do this. However, it is important to remember that early writing should be a joyful, empowering process, led by the child, rather than merely a series of exercises and drills."


What's your DREAM HOUSE?

mye domain's dream house : ARIANA at Mahogany Place
One of MAHOGANY PLACE's Model House Ariana
Everyone of us desire to own a dream house. It may not be our ultimate goal but the need to dwell on a place we can call "home" is one of our priorities. We aim to provide a comfortable shelter for ourselves and our families.

For those who are privileged, acquiring a property is just like buying candy on a candy store. If they like it, they get it. But for those who work hard for the money, it should be worth every cent. Investing on something with a long term share on your funds is a serious matter to deal with. For some, it costs even a lifetime to own a place to stay. Lucky are those who have inherited assets like a huge land or an estate. We cannot have the same fortune as others may have. Our status in life depends on the choices we make and the providence that goes along with our names.

There are people who reached their dreams earlier than others do. But still, there are some who opted to accomplish certain goals at a later time maybe for more important reasons. One thing is for sure... at the end of the day, we long for a place to rest our tired body so that the next day, we are ready to face the world again.

Choosing the right house for the right person may vary depending on the following considerations:
  • Dwellers' Status - In Philippine setting, single people may mean, living alone or single with parents or relatives. First-time homeowners maybe newly weds, married couples with children or big families with extended relatives.
  • Lifestyle - There is no way a person has exactly the same means of living his/her life compared to others. How we want things to affect our everyday lives will constitute to the choices we make.
  • Financial Position - How much do you have in your pocket? Is it enough to buy whatever you want? Our purchasing power is dependent on our monetary resources.
Generally, there are two major types of dwelling that a first time homeowner may wish to have, a detached single unit,

Corner lot Mansion
Detached Single Unit

Mayfield Park Residences, Cainta
or a multi-unit housing like condominiums and townhouses.

Multi-unit housing like townhouses
Two-story Townhouses

For those who settle for less maintenance and worry-free environment such as single and career-oriented individuals who are preoccupied with the demands of their works. condos are very much suitable for them because they simple leave their units and never bother to think of security and safety of their places. The building is well provided with roaming guards, 24/7. These multi-unit dwellings also have exclusive amenities like swimming pool, spa, clubhouse and entertainment facilities which offer convenience to unit owners.

But if you prefer a free standing house of your own, you are ready to assume the disadvantages and advantages of living in a detached home. You will be in-charged with the maintenance and safekeeping of the house. On the other hand, you have all the means to remodel or renovate it since it is situated on a spacious lot.

Your choice is your command. Your comfort zone is your lifestyle and wherever you decide to stay shall take you to the place you can call "home".

EMOTIONS written by hand

pen and pare on top of your desk

Pen and paper
on top of your desk.

Thoughts are yet
to surface
and words are
filling up the
blank piece.

Your mind is telling
what your heart contains.

Sadness, joy
gratitude, sorrow
or maybe fear
excitement and thrill.

Every stroke of your hand
conveys your innermost.

It's something much
more meaningful
and romantic.

A letter written by hand.
a treasure to keep...
A memory of sentiments
marked with the ink
of your heart.

Young and the RESTLESS

When teens of today get bored... they tend to do as they please. But here are some carefree buddies who shared their common fondness.. taking their own photographs.  They decided to fight BOREDOM through a planned pictorial.  My niece, Patricia Michelle and her friends had their photo shoot at the rooftop of CAPRI OASIS, Pasig City.

Shadow border

I'm the KING of the world!

Lying on the wall

Cool SHADES are IN

Sentimental slouch

hello! ako budoy

Fresh like DOUGIE

Gazing at the corner

mad over what?

Chirping mode

the heat is on my head

looking down effect

Adolescents of the modern era can overcome weariness by being resourceful.  Having this kind of activity will develop their creativity and independence.  Their eagerness to learn is a natural instinct and their growing curiosity over a lot of things will bring them to a world that will mold their future.

PHOTOGRAPHS with a twist

My sister MALU and her beloved Amore, ALFIE went to Misibis Bay for a little unwinding.  They left Manila bound for Bicol despite the unpleasant weather condition. Upon arrival in Legaspi, they enjoyed their city day tour. In the afternoon, Falcon was already raging and it was raining hard until the following day.  But the four-day stormy escapade still allowed them to take pleasure in the enigmatic beauty of the province.

On their first day, they were able to take some pictures and look how they managed to entertain themselves.  They had fun taking these shots with a twist.

Malu... in the palm of Alfie's hand
Malu... in the palm of Alfie's hand

Malu... leaning on the tip of the Cagsawa ruins
Malu... leaning on the tip of the Cagsawa ruins

Here comes GIANT Malu!
Here comes GIANT Malu!

Leaning Tower of Malu
Leaning Tower of Malu

This ROCK is heavy!!!
This ROCK is heavy!!!

Embracing Cagsawa
Embracing Cagsawa

MALU and ALFIE... Happy TWO-gether
"MI AMORE" as they call each other

These photos were taken at Cagraray Island, Bacacay Albay, Bicol.
Thanks for letting me share your precious photographs.