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RIZAL and HITLER, Father and Son?

Speculation or truth?

I'm amazed and quite eager to know if  there's a strong basis to an intriguing issue that Jose Rizal, our national hero was believed to be the father of Adolf Hitler, founder and leader of the Nazi Party.  Because of  my intense desire to know the details behind this matter, I read some articles about it and learned some theories that may lead to any conclusion to this long-time controversial rumor.

These are the pictures of Rizal and Hitler at age 35

To make the subject easy to comprehend, let's consider these facts opposite the unverified information.
  • Dr. Jose Rizal was known to be a romantic lover with a bunch of women on his list and some others like the supposed mother of Hitler named Klara Polzl.

    (When he was in Europe, it was noted out that he found this pretty European girlfriend somewhere in the border of Germany and Austria. In Berlin he finished Noli Me Tangere. One of the book's characters is named Maria Clara.)
  • Rizal traveled and studied abroad.  He left the Philippines for the first time in May of 1882 and the last recorded travel was on September 1896.  Hitler should have been conceived August of 1888 but these were the travels of Rizal during those dates according to Jose Rizal Website.

    16 August 1888
    Rizal was admitted to the reading room of the British Museum of London.

    August 1888
    He was busy with the Morga. He thought of copying the whole book and annotating it for publication as his gift to the Filipinos. Dr. Antonio Regidor, one of the exiles of the 1872 event, promised to be his capitalist. Along with the Morga he wanted also to publish Blumentritt’s "Tribes of Mindanao" including some new documents which he found in the British Museum.

    18 August 1888
    With the intention of writing the continuation of his first novel, Rizal asked Mariano Ponce in a letter to send him two or more copies of the Noli. Rizal planned to have a picture taken : one copy to be sent to Ponce and the other to be included in the publication of the second novel.

    (Hitler was conceived either in 1887 when Rizal passed through Linz or other towns (such as Brunn - how do you think he lost the diamond stickpin? And who was the "maid" who found it later and gave it to Blumentritt who forwarded it to Vienna?) near the Austrian border: in which case Hitler's older siblings were fictitious, to cover up his mother's being pregnant with him. In other words Hitler was actually born before 1889.

    Or he was conceived in August, 1888, when Rizal was supposedly in London. Or perhaps in September, 1888, when Rizal went to Paris for a week (to have a rendezvous with Klara?). Maybe when to Paris in 1889 it was so he could communicate more easily with the now-expecting Klara? Klara Polzl's affair with Rizal may have centered around Linz, which is why the Hitler family moved there later (so Mama Hitler could live where she had An Affair To Remember), which would explain Hitler's fondness for the town.)
  • Rizal in 1888 had an affair with a Japanese woman, Seiko Usui, when he visited Japan. She had an only daughter, Yuriko, by a foreign husband some years after her encounter with Rizal. Yuriko later married the son of a Japanese politician.         

    (Seiko Usui's only daughter was not really fathered by her husband, Alfred Charlton. He was simply a front. Yuriko, you see, was Rizal's daughter! And Hitler knew she was his half-sister. She used her influence on her brother Adolf to convince him to enter into an alliance with Japan (making it one of the Axis powers): which is why Japan invaded the Philippines! Yuriko made it clear to Hirohito that Hitler would appreciate it if his ally were to take over his father's homeland. And of course the reason why Hitler wanted to become dictator of Germany was because his natural father had spent some of the most interesting years of his life there!) 
  • Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Some people dispute how he died.  The Nazi leader was believed to have used arsenic to poison himself.

    (According to this article, there was an old German-language documentary about Nazism and World War II. It was viewed by a European Language student.  At one point in that film, archival footage of Hitler's bunker was featured and hanging on one of the walls was Rizal's portrait but the documentary never identified Rizal or explained why his portrait hung inside Hitler's bunker.)

Do I believe or not? I won't say anything.  I just want to leave this message and it's for you to find out for yourself.

Long before the birth of Rizal or any famous people in world history had secrets and controversies like Da Vinci and his codes...  Einstein, Newton and Galileo and their theories and even Jesus Christ had untold stories.

The questions hanging on air up to this time may no longer be answered because of missing links and lack of supporting evidences but there's always TRUTH behind everything and anything.  It's in our own intellectual mind that we may seek realm of whatever we want to believe and the reality that we have FAITH in God's existence even if we don't see HIM.


    1. I am a big fan of these kind of untold stories. I wonder why the have to keep secrets from us?

    2. Wow! I remember to have read many books about Rizal during my free hrs nung college but never it have occurred to me this possibility.

    3. ayay! intriguing..
      sipag mo magresearch ah..
      ..hmmm..hindi ko alam kong anong papaniwalaan ko..

    4. ay ang galing! parang gusto kong maniwalang si HITLER ang anak ni RIZAL.

    5. i dunno but from where i sit, they seem poles apart in nearly everything... Nevertheless, the theory itself is very fascinating indeed and i hope more factual evidences will be unearthed soon.
      - AJ

    6. Minsan theories and stories are weaved and told to make something look like exactly the way the storyteller wants it to look like. From my perspective, I think that Rizal and Hitler came from two totally different trees. As my husband said, the theories are quite interesting and who knows, maybe someday these theories will be proven :) -- Aimee

    7. Well, it was also speculated that Rizal was Jack the Ripper :D People thrive on controversy that is why these rumors are constantly fueled and live to this day. Whether they are true or not, well, no one can really tell for sure :D

    8. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but
      your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. All the best


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