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MR. BEAN: Effect on Kid's

I don't remember exactly when was the first time my youngest KIKO laid eyes on  Mr. Bean.  He's turning 3 years old this coming June and so far, he's growing up so fast like other normal kids do.  I have witnessed every developmental milestone he's gone through and I know he has so much more to learn about things around him and how will he react on certain situation.

Somehow, I enjoy watching Mr. Bean and his crazy old comic acts and funny dancing moves.  I noticed that Kiko also finds pleasure in watching either the animated program or the TV series starring Rowan Atkinson as the famous Mr. Bean whose whole life is one funny situation after another.

The truth is, I don't find any negative effect on my Kiko's attitude or the way he interacts. He never imitate Mr. Bean's weird actions and funny facial expressions. I think I have nothing to worry about his overwhelming interest in the hilarious man.What I have to do as a mom is to guide him, continue to teach him how to respond correctly especially to stressful situations and  help him develop self-control. 

These 3 opinions came from 3 different individuals, somehow open up a wider view of the issue:
  • From Chardyme - "When I was kid, since the Mr. Bean started around 1989, me and my brothers used to watch this show every week together and we really find it very funny. Though back then we are just kids who loves funny movies and we don't really get to copy his moves. But seeing today's generations and as I see it to my kids that they seems to be copying everything they see. Guess what, my kids loves Mr. Bean's dance routine and they even dance the same way as well, that was funny but if I see my kids doing the other abnormal things that Mr. Bean is doing I really tell them not to copy that move and it was not right."
  • From m@h - " Mr. Bean is one of my favorite cartoon movie.. although his character is always dim-witted, I think there's nothing wrong about that.. Mr. Bean is not a bad example to every child.. Actually, I have my godchild who's so in love watching Mr. Bean..

    Mr. Bean never talk a lot.. but didn't you notice one good thing about him? HE NEVER LEAVE HIS TEDDY BEHIND.. LOL "never leave anything that is very much important to your life".. I think that's the moral lesson that we can get from this cartoon movie.." 
  • From  whuuushuuu1829 - "I think it depends. Sometimes it can be dangerous for children but it really depends, if they watch the series with they parents on their side then watching Mr. Bean is good. But if they watch Mr.Bean without their parents consent then, it could be dangerous for children. Parents should monitor their children in watching Television"
To yield a positive outcome to a child.'s behavioral development, PARENTAL GUIDANCE is still the utmost concern.


  1. Good thing my daughter is not addicted to Mr. bean :D she prefers to watch educational shows rather that those boring cartoons :D

  2. Naka-relate naman ako. =) Mr. Bean was a favorite.. never fails to make me and my siblings laugh. My 5-year old niece & godchild also loves him to bits! =)

  3. Agree, toddlers tend to imitate what they see or hear. It is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children. My son, 2 yrs old, watch Mr. Bean as well and he finds it amusing and he'll pretend to drive whenever Mr. Bean is driving. :-)

  4. my children used to watch it .they were laughing so hard especially the youngest but now they seemed not interested anymore .they discovered that there are lots of good show to watch on tv.

  5. ..kids at home are really having fun watching Mr. Bean..they love to imitate him too.hihihi

  6. Relate ako, my 2yr old son super favorite nya si Mr. Bean and he's turning 3 this August naman. I've noticed that minsan nagiging tatanga tanga siya(sorry sa word d ko alam ano ung word para dito) and yun ung kinaiinisan naming magpartner, sbi namin sa knya na hindi na siya manonood ng Mr. Bean. And now he's watching Pink Panther naman.. which is mas nakaka-alarm. Dahil puro kalokohan talaga ung ginagawa..

    About dun sa 2nd Comment above ung kay Teddy. Yun siguro ung naadmire niya kay Mr. Bean. When my son was 4months old. My older sister gave him a Santa Dog which he calls him "Meme" until now when he's sleeping hindi siya makatulog pag wala ung stuff toy niya na yun.

    I really should pay more attention to my son, ang galing mag Youtube sa cellphone ko and now he knows how to use left click sa mouse. kyang kaya na niya magcomputer magisa. :/


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