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Going Generic

My husband and I are now on maintenance medications. I, being hypertensive take a dose of Amlodipine Besylate, 10mg daily while Pye takes 4 drugs a day: Simvastatin tablet 20g, Losartan 50mg, Metformin 500g and Fenofibrate 250mg. Unfortunately, he's being diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and mild diabetes. We spent much for these drugs and nothing we can do but to find alternative means to cost-cut our expenses without compromising our need to keep those maintenace medicines.

Thanks to The Generics Pharmacy which is presently penetrating the Philippine market today. We are so aware of generic drugs but we are still patrons of branded products until we come to the realization that we can actually get high quality yet affordable drugs in the market. And this type of drugstore has never been well-known. A Filipino entrepreneur started to see the viability of pharmaceutical products to gain popularity specifically, operating generic retail pharmacy.

What is a 
generic medicine?

It is identical or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. Although it's produced and distributed without patent protection, it should be manufactured under the same strict standards.

Difference between generic and branded:
  • Generics are not protected by patents unlike the branded ones
  • Generics are cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing, marketing and promoting the drugs
Misconceptions about generic drugs:
  • Generic drugs are manufactured in poorer-quality facilities
  • Inferior in quality compared to brand-name drugs
  • Generic drugs take longer to work
The fact is; all drugs are safe and effective. May it be generic or branded for as long as they meet the requirements and approval of the Food and Drug Administration. It is in our own discretion whether to buy generic or branded. It's our choice.


  1. SObrang laking tulong talaga ng generic meds. Mura but never sacrificing its qualities.

    1. Tama po kau maam, mura talaga sila at genuine pa yung meds nila

  2. My sister who is a pharmacists says that branded is better because of the assured quality.

  3. I'd go for generics. That's what friends (who happen to be doctors) suggest I spend for.

  4. I believe in generic too! There was once a controversy here about that, going generic and doctors were the first to go on strike, why not when they get a big cut from pharmaceutical companies! :(

  5. Generic ang binibili ko na nebule para sa anak ko pag may ubo... effective naman sila at ang laki ng deperensya sa price.

  6. Thanks for give me such a valuable information about generic medicines. I am always looking for it. Now i am surly care of it.

  7. Another misconception on generic drugs is that they are actually as pricey or worse than the branded ones.

  8. Yeah, I buy meds sa Generic Pharmacy rin. THough generic meds have side effects na masmataas ng konti sa branded, pero ilang porsiyento lang yun. Hahahaha. Hope you dont miss your maintenance drugs sa hypertension. My aunt had a cerebrovascular accident dahil inistop nya meds nya. Tsk. kaya malaking tulong ang generic pharmacy kasi mura at lifetime na yang maintenance meds na yan. :)

  9. Generic meds are good as long as the pharmacy that sells them is established or already gained a reputation in the industry, or else, just don't take the risk. As a said, generic meds are good, just beware of notorious dealers :)

  10. I also have high cholesterol and diabetes and I'm not even over 30 :( So yeah, generics help a lot because they're more affordable

  11. Generics are really a big help to public .the branded ones are too expensive especially if you are on a maintenance.I am on a maintenance drug too for asthma,good thing is that I have an insurance to help for payment.

  12. Generic meds are truly helpful to people. :) it's affordable but has the same quality with the branded ones :)

  13. correct, you'll get to save from 50-75% on generics, branded medicines are way too pricey, lalo ka magkakasakit sa gastos.. :(

  14. I always use branded medicines because I am assured of the quality. I had a bad experience with generic drugs. I had a UTI before and my doctor was wondering why I never got better after taking the generic medicines that I bought. It turned out that the generic medicines I took has only "gawgaw" inside the capsules. So for me, it is better be safe than sorry so I use branded medicines. Everybody has a choice. Follow what you believe is good for you.

  15. I'm thankful that we have more access to generic med these days. I got to use some generic ones before and they had the same effects as branded ones. For antihistamines though, I still haven't tried going for generics.


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