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Enchanting Island of Coron

Wonderful places...
Fascinating views and marvelous sites.

My eyes are no virgin
but my feet are.
How would a lifetime
be as unlucky as it may seem.

Never been to ...
never been gone through 
yet my heart
fills with much joy
whenever... wherever
my loved ones 
sought an opportune moment such as this...

My siblings...
DL and Malu
The travel buddies.

Exploring the boundless 
wonders of nature...
and in my behalf,
felt overwhelmingly
delighted with inner
that somehow
resources are just adequate  
for everybody to feel the pleasure.

Photographs recorded
the memories...
and the experience
well savored and kept in mind.

Sunrise until sunset

and up the ladder of Mt. Tapyas...

where the famous cross is situated,
where silent prayers 
are being heard

After a long day...
exhausted and consumed
lied down and find the comforts
of this suite.

Then it's time to 
where their 
truly belong



  1. It's now over 10 years ago since we visited Coron but the memory of it's beauty and the warm welcome that the people there showed us are still fresh in my mind.
    Thanks for bringing me back there through your photos =)

  2. Your siblings' photos are lovely. And, I was just there (January) too. The best background for me would still be the lake, while sitting on top of a huge rock. =) Priceless!

  3. wow so amazing ang ganda ng coron.. nakakaenganyo pumunta,,, thanks for sharing!!

  4. wow ang ganda naman dito sa coron.
    kelan kaya ako makakapunta sa palawan? - elizabeth

  5. We missed our Coron Vacation because of my operation. I love your photos! Hays I wish I could go there soon!

  6. i've never been to coron..and thru these pics, i am getting itched to try visiting the place ;D

  7. I'm jealous of the experience! I've yet to try the breath-taking sceneries of Palawan. =( Love love your photos btw.

  8. I envy every byaheras and byaheros because they can see pieces of beauty of nature while I'm here sitting. As for me, it's best to travel because you experience this uncomparable joy and relief. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  9. Nice pics! Hope to visit Coron one day. :)

  10. Wow! Your pictures are very soothing.
    I haven't been there but seeing your pictures makes me feel the tour around Coron.
    Thanks, and God bless.. :)

  11. im a frustrated photographer, i love nature views, i wish i cud do this. keep it coming!

  12. summer na summer!
    first i would like to say you captured great photos.
    second, nice post!

  13. it's my dream to go to palawan but something always gets in the way. hope i can visit next year.

  14. Wow your photos showed a beautiful and lovely place in Coron. Actually I never been in Coron but I love to visit this place it looks peaceful. thanks for sharing

  15. ang ganda ganda ganda!!! I hope to visit someday! .. love your poem too!:)

  16. It's been 12 years since I last went there, particularly in a small Island called Dimakya...very pristine and everything is like you're in a Paradise! Must visit again.... :D

  17. It's paradise! I hope I can go there someday.

  18. I'd love to visit Coron in the future.. :) The beach looks so inviting, almost a perfect destination for summer :D

  19. a lovely place to stay. kailan kaya kita matunton, Coron???

  20. Ganda!! Im super excied na. Me and my hubby will be going to Coron on our 2nd anniversary on june. All booked. haha!!

  21. one of the places i want to go to, palawan and boracay. thanks for sharing this. very nice wonder of nature. will pin this! :D

  22. waaah! you don't have a pin button. :(

  23. Parang nakakatakot mag swim. dark color ang water haha natatakot talaga ako sa ganyan XD but you're sexy ha! :3

  24. Coron is really a paradise. If you are looking for tranquil place to go especially this semana santa, it's a good option. What I like about the place is yung clear waters nila na tanaw mo talaga yung lalim ng dagat. Sana makavisit ako diyan this year. Hehehehe.

  25. indeed so enchanting!! after seeing a lot of photos from different bloggers i get too excited now to explore philippines xx

  26. A Paradise!ganda ng coron, ganda ng buong palawan! wish i could visit Palawan this year:)

  27. Waaahh! Coron is very popular nowadays... Many people are falling in love with her beauty...

  28. Great pics! You captured Coron's beauty. Sana makapunta kami dyan next year.

  29. The pictures took my breath away. I would love to be in this paradise. I have to make it sure that the next time I visit Palawan, I should not miss Coron.

  30. the Blue Lagoon looks very heavenly! How I wish I could go there someday =)

  31. this is on my bucket list...definitely before I grow too old :)

  32. The blue lagoon you mentioned is actually the Kayangan Bay.
    Its really beautiful!
    Its been a month since my visit to Coron, Busuanga ang Culion..
    Still can't get myself over with the final frontier!
    Coron Island itself is BEAUTIFUL!

  33. I love how your post unfolds like a poem. The photos are so lovely, especially the Blue Lagoon.

  34. My Coron travel was cancelled due to my emergency ruptured brain aneurysm operation. How I wish I can travel again!

  35. Nakakainggit ... ganda ng place. Sayang.

  36. Wow ang ganda pala talaga sa Palawan, would love to visit that place too kaya lang parang underground river lang ang nasa itinerary namin., one day lang kc :)

  37. such an amazing place. I've heard of Coron but never realized how beautiful and enchanting it is until now.

  38. enchanting as you said it is. ganda ng tubig... someday, i'll visit this place. Yahweh bless.

  39. i love the third pic, with all the blue shades and only the green island as the divider.:-) beautiful.


  40. wow super nice place - i haven't been to Coron yet, attempted many times but cancelled many times too! now i am determined to go the net time i can find a time in between travels haha..

  41. Oh Coron.. When will I have the chance to visit you and enjoy your beauty :(

  42. I've been there and yes, Coron is truly enchanting!

  43. Really so nice. I want to being my family there one day. Did you go with a tour? What resort would you recommend?

  44. From above water, Coron is beautiful
    but underwater..
    Only picture can show it, but it doesnt give enough justification as to how rich is Coron's underwater world.

  45. Great post! this is really such an amazing place. Hope I can visit it soon.


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