Kung Di Lang Ikaw

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Sa bawat tibok ng puso
Walang ibang nais madama
Kung di ang lagi kang makasama.
Sa bawat ngayon at bukas
Walang nais pag-alayan
Ng tunay na pagmamahal.
Sa bawat pintig ng kaibuturan
Walang ibang hanap
Kung di ang haplos ng iyong kamay.
Sa bawat takip-silim
Walang ibang nais paglingkuran
Kung di ang iyong kaharian.
Sa bawat pagpatak ng ulan
Walang ibang inasam makapiling
Kung di ang buo mong katauhan.
Sa bawat ihip ng hangin
Walang ibang yayakap
Kung di ang init ng iyong yapos.
Sa bawat pangarap
Walang ibang tutupad
Kung di ang mabuhay sa piling mo.
Sa bawat sandali
Sa bawat pagbukas ng mga mata
Sa bawat paglubog ng araw
Kung di lang ikaw...
Puso ko'y titigil sa pagpintig.
Kung di lang ikaw...
Di na lang iibig.

Going Generic

My husband and I are now on maintenance medications. I, being hypertensive take a dose of Amlodipine Besylate, 10mg daily while Pye takes 4 drugs a day: Simvastatin tablet 20g, Losartan 50mg, Metformin 500g and Fenofibrate 250mg. Unfortunately, he's being diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and mild diabetes. We spent much for these drugs and nothing we can do but to find alternative means to cost-cut our expenses without compromising our need to keep those maintenace medicines.

Thanks to The Generics Pharmacy which is presently penetrating the Philippine market today. We are so aware of generic drugs but we are still patrons of branded products until we come to the realization that we can actually get high quality yet affordable drugs in the market. And this type of drugstore has never been well-known. A Filipino entrepreneur started to see the viability of pharmaceutical products to gain popularity specifically, operating generic retail pharmacy.

What is a 
generic medicine?

It is identical or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. Although it's produced and distributed without patent protection, it should be manufactured under the same strict standards.

Difference between generic and branded:
  • Generics are not protected by patents unlike the branded ones
  • Generics are cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing, marketing and promoting the drugs
Misconceptions about generic drugs:
  • Generic drugs are manufactured in poorer-quality facilities
  • Inferior in quality compared to brand-name drugs
  • Generic drugs take longer to work
The fact is; all drugs are safe and effective. May it be generic or branded for as long as they meet the requirements and approval of the Food and Drug Administration. It is in our own discretion whether to buy generic or branded. It's our choice.

Enchanting Island of Coron

Wonderful places...
Fascinating views and marvelous sites.

My eyes are no virgin
but my feet are.
How would a lifetime
be as unlucky as it may seem.

Never been to ...
never been gone through 
yet my heart
fills with much joy
whenever... wherever
my loved ones 
sought an opportune moment such as this...

My siblings...
DL and Malu
The travel buddies.

Exploring the boundless 
wonders of nature...
and in my behalf,
felt overwhelmingly
delighted with inner
that somehow
resources are just adequate  
for everybody to feel the pleasure.

Photographs recorded
the memories...
and the experience
well savored and kept in mind.

Sunrise until sunset

and up the ladder of Mt. Tapyas...

where the famous cross is situated,
where silent prayers 
are being heard

After a long day...
exhausted and consumed
lied down and find the comforts
of this suite.

Then it's time to 
where their 
truly belong


Against All Odds - LICS HS Graduation 2012

March 24 was my moms birthday and according to her, never in her sixty-four years of existence did it rain and we were hoping that it would not.

The sky was clear early that morning though the sun only peeped once in a while. Then lunch time came and dark clouds were forming that made that afternoon so gloomy.

What a bad day really it was.

Unfortunately, the first batch was postponed for March 30.  Luckily,  the second batch successfully finished the confirmation so I called up the office and asked if the third batch would push through. School's admin announced the day's affair would take place as scheduled, RAIN or SHINE.

The heavy rains poured as we left the house and we practically got wet. My daughter's toga was almost soggy and her face fully made up by her cousin Dave who is only 10 years old, was damp and nearly wiped out.

LIZETTE, freshly made up


The STAGE looked like this:

The commencement exercise should have started at 5 pm but due to the bad weather, it begun around 6.  Few droplets of rain fell during processional and turnover ceremonies. The graduation march that should have been slow became a rapidly moving parade.

My daughter Lizette along with her batch mates were teary-eyed as they bid final goodbyes to each other but happy at the same time because they have accomplished something. They were confirmed as graduates and now ready to face another chapter in their lives. Moving to the next level... COLLEGE. Their journey continues...

These will be their 

In return, she gave us this token... from her HEART to ours. On the purple paper was written an earnest message from our ever dearest firstborn... pouring out her overwhelming appreciation to us and we are so proud of her being the good daughter that she is. Despite her shortcomings, she learned to acknowledge right from wrong.


The Existence of Life

When we were still inside our mother's womb, we stayed on a safe haven for nine months until we were brought to life. We're being provided with all the essentials in order to survive. It's a home like no other. We had no choice where to dwell because it's the only place we would be most comfortable.

The way we are conceived and the manner we are born are magical realities.

Now that we exist, God gives us the grace to take the journey of our lives. We have our own place on earth. We may not walk on the same direction but we are truly heading on the same destination. Life is complex and full of uncertainties. The challenges are much more inflexible than our strength and yet, trigger our most sensitive being to explore the boundaries of "life" itself.

There is no doubt that everything has its beginning and end. Who would not agree that there's a supreme being responsible for our existence and the existence of every living organism on earth. What is beyond the universe? Why do we have to die if every cell in our body can be replaced with a new one? Is it really an endless debate for evolution and divine creation? Or is it that the two theories are truly not opposing but the former is a detailed explanation of the latter. We believe in God but still, there are some who do not share the same faith.

Our human body is being molded perfectly. We have our eyes to see what surrounds us. We have our minds to think and we have our hearts to feel a variety of emotions. Evolution aims perfection. Researchers and scientists are still spending a lifetime just to know the truth about human origins. Ancient people or early humans had features far different from today's modern men. History of mankind is being preserved and documented. From the prehistoric ages to present materialistic civilization.

Photo Source
As life ages, so with the earth. There is extinction because the environment is no longer adaptable to a particular specie or organism. Forces of nature like global warming can cause extinction and any extreme force that may hit the earth like asteroids can largely destroy anything that not even virus can survive. To keep the planet alive, every living thing has to exist and should be sufficient to maintain a balance in nature.

As technology boom to its peak, life becomes instant. The negative impact of the fast growing world is becoming more predominant in today's lifestyle. Making everything easier is just one click of a button. More and more innovations and discoveries are yet to uncover by future generations.

The human mind is so powerful and it evolves as we explore the wonders of everything around us. We struggle to find answers to unsolved mysteries and continue our search for the truth.

IKAW na Mommy... The BEST ka !!!

Sa umaga
handa na dapat ang gagawin
sa buong maghapong darating.
Bibili ng ulam
Maglalakad lang...
Ehersisyo na ito kung kanyang ituring
kahit na usok ng mga sasakyan
ang  kanyang sasagapin.

Dati pa nga
Nang musmos pa si Maki
Kanyang dala-dala
Sa tindahan ni Violy.
Mabuti nga ngayon naiiwan na nya
Di na tumatahol…
Hinihintay na lang sya.

Pagdating sa bahay
Isa-isa na nyang lilinisin
Ang mga pinamiling
Ihahain sa hapag.
Tubig sa gripo, tunay nyang kailangan
Matalas na kutsilyo
At plastic na sangkalan.

Haharap sa lababo
Nang may ilang oras.
Pagkatapos nuo’y
Sa mainit na kalan.
Naihiwalay na rin ang mga puti
Sa de kolor…
Ngayong araw rin pala…
Ang kanyang paglalaba.

Inilagay ang mga damit
Sa washing machine.
Ang pulbos na sabon
Ay dinagdag na rin.
Isenet ang timer, hudyat ng pag-ikot.
At habang nakasalang…
Kakaain ng agahan
Kasabay si Itay na
galing eskwelahan.

Sa tuwing umaga
Ay super busy talaga
Ang Inay na ito
Na tila walang kapaguran.
Habang natutulog pa
Ang mga pagal na anak…
Ay inihanda na rin pala
Ang nilutong kape at almusal.

Sa maliit na espasyong
Kanyang kinikilusan,
Kaunting tunog at ingay
Ay di maiiwasan.
Habang wala pang gising
Sa mga kasamahan,
Ay tatanghod sa labas o

Noong wala pa akong
Yaya kay Kiko…
Malapit pa sa bahay nila
Ang aming tinitirhan.
Paghatid naming kay Pye
Diretso nang chikahan
Naming mag-ina
Nang kung anu-ano lang.

Ang sabi nila…
Ako ang kanyang paborito.
Ang sabi ko naman,
“Hindi yan totoo.”
Sadyang iba lang
Ang aming turingan.
Palibhasa’y panganay…
Dakilang ate lang ako.

Sa dinami-rami
ng kanyang ginagawa…
minsan nga’y sabay-sabay
ang trabahong sisimulan.
Ngunit, pag nahapo
Uupo sa harap ng TV
Kahit  siya’y  Kapamilya
Manonood  ng Eat Bulaga.

Doon magsisimula
Ang kanyang siesta.
Hanggang mapaidlip…
Isip nya’y napahinga.
Biglang mamumulat, kanyang mga mata
Nag-iisa na sya sa bahay
Dahil ang lahat,
ay nasa office na.

Simula’t sapol
Siya ay nagsilbi, nag-aruga at naggabay
Sa aming paglaki.
Isang butihing maybahay
Ilaw ng aming tahanan.
Isang dakilang INA… walang kapara.
Na mahal na mahal namin
Di man madalas naming sambitin.

Ang kanyang mga apo
Na nagbibigay aliw
Sina  Aya, Mitch at Dave
KD, Clarence at Kiko…
Mahigpit nilang yakap
At matamis nilang halik
Sa kanya’y nagpapasaya
Sa kanya’y nagpapaligaya.

At ngayon sa kanyang kaarawan
Nais kong ibahagi
Sa maraming makababasa…
Ipinakikilala ko
Ang pinakakaibang INA
Na inalay ang buhay nya
At lakas ng katawan
Maitaguyod lamang ang kanyang
pinakakmamahal na PAMILYA.


Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

When KIKO turned 2, he developed an overwhelming interest in colors.  He was able to recognize primary colors: red, yellow and blue as well as secondary: orange, green and violet ( purple as he calls it ) through watching BabyTV, channel 48 on Destiny Cable TV.  He also knew most of the alphabet.

Now, he's almost 3 and because of his intense curiosity and fondness over the colors' visual characteristics, he finds a way to express that inherent learning instinct through scribbling on the floor, doodles on the door, and even if I put those permanent markers out of his reach... he still looks for means to get them.  Sometimes, we argue about it and he will start to cry.

I was doing some chores when Beth, our house help suddenly uttered in shock:

"Oh my God!"

I hurriedly approached them and saw these scripts on the puzzle mat:

Exhibit A on Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

Beth tried to erase the marks using a wet rag with bleach. All efforts have exerted but to no avail. The damage has been done and I almost lost control of my emotions but I thought of something I learned from one of Oprah's episode that it's normal for toddlers like my Kiko to draw on walls so I held back my displeasure reaction and just stared at them realizing that he already learned to write letters A, O and C.  The anger was replaced by pride and joy.

Another incident happened when out of nowhere Kiko got hold of the markers again. I thought he would just go to his Kuya Kurt's room and join him there but to my surprise again, his Kuya burst out saying this:

" Hala! Mama!"

I went to see what's wrong and this time, it's graffiti on the door:

Exhibit B on Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

I just thought to myself... this door needs a repaint.  I noticed a chair beside the bookshelf and that chair made a perfect accomplice. He pulled a chair and used it as a stepping stool to reach the drawer where I keep the markers. Young as he is, he got strategy.

I further read articles in the internet regarding this matter and I've come to see the advantages of kids scribbling on walls. Parents should always know by heart every milestone that their children had gone through and going through because, learning starts from HOME.

Kindly take note of these important reminders:
  • Toddlers are amazed by the sound of pounding crayons and the magic of brightly colored markers scribbled by themselves to a certain wall.
  • They are delighted to feel the texture of lines and curves they make. They develop independent thinking because a scribbling kid knows no bounds.
  • They should not be prohibited to use crayons and markers. Such refusal brings negative effect on their sense of self-worth.
  • Scribbling develops their finger-control and eye-hand coordination.
  • Through scribbling, kids have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings without restrictions.
  • Although our walls may look ugly, those damages can be regarded as arts made by young hands.  Those marks show normal brain development of our children. Without the urge to scribble means retardation.

So far, these two portions of the house are affected by Kiko's scribbling activity.  I bought him a set of crayons and color pencils together with two coloring activity books so, I may be rest assured that no other places in the house that will turn to be his next suspect.

His self confidence is just amazingly over the top

Kiko, learning how to play the guitar

Kiko learned to use the computer at an earlier age compared to my other two children, Lizette who is 16 and Kurt who is turning 13 this April. It seems that letting him scribble help him to be well-oriented in the digital world.  He adapts to modern technology effortlessly.

We can see how the internet and the worldwide web can change people's lives... more so on the lives of today's young generation. As technology goes on with extremely high speed so as the society.  There's a great impact in our way of thinking and day to day living.  Computers, either desktop, laptops or tablets and alike are more useful to the youth especially when connected to the internet.

My children, especially Kiko finds it easy to learn new things just by himself but of course, with my proper guidance.

MR. BEAN: Effect on Kid's

I don't remember exactly when was the first time my youngest KIKO laid eyes on  Mr. Bean.  He's turning 3 years old this coming June and so far, he's growing up so fast like other normal kids do.  I have witnessed every developmental milestone he's gone through and I know he has so much more to learn about things around him and how will he react on certain situation.

Somehow, I enjoy watching Mr. Bean and his crazy old comic acts and funny dancing moves.  I noticed that Kiko also finds pleasure in watching either the animated program or the TV series starring Rowan Atkinson as the famous Mr. Bean whose whole life is one funny situation after another.

The truth is, I don't find any negative effect on my Kiko's attitude or the way he interacts. He never imitate Mr. Bean's weird actions and funny facial expressions. I think I have nothing to worry about his overwhelming interest in the hilarious man.What I have to do as a mom is to guide him, continue to teach him how to respond correctly especially to stressful situations and  help him develop self-control. 

These 3 opinions came from 3 different individuals, somehow open up a wider view of the issue:
  • From Chardyme - "When I was kid, since the Mr. Bean started around 1989, me and my brothers used to watch this show every week together and we really find it very funny. Though back then we are just kids who loves funny movies and we don't really get to copy his moves. But seeing today's generations and as I see it to my kids that they seems to be copying everything they see. Guess what, my kids loves Mr. Bean's dance routine and they even dance the same way as well, that was funny but if I see my kids doing the other abnormal things that Mr. Bean is doing I really tell them not to copy that move and it was not right."
  • From m@h - " Mr. Bean is one of my favorite cartoon movie.. although his character is always dim-witted, I think there's nothing wrong about that.. Mr. Bean is not a bad example to every child.. Actually, I have my godchild who's so in love watching Mr. Bean..

    Mr. Bean never talk a lot.. but didn't you notice one good thing about him? HE NEVER LEAVE HIS TEDDY BEHIND.. LOL "never leave anything that is very much important to your life".. I think that's the moral lesson that we can get from this cartoon movie.." 
  • From  whuuushuuu1829 - "I think it depends. Sometimes it can be dangerous for children but it really depends, if they watch the series with they parents on their side then watching Mr. Bean is good. But if they watch Mr.Bean without their parents consent then, it could be dangerous for children. Parents should monitor their children in watching Television"
To yield a positive outcome to a child.'s behavioral development, PARENTAL GUIDANCE is still the utmost concern.

RIZAL and HITLER, Father and Son?

Speculation or truth?

I'm amazed and quite eager to know if  there's a strong basis to an intriguing issue that Jose Rizal, our national hero was believed to be the father of Adolf Hitler, founder and leader of the Nazi Party.  Because of  my intense desire to know the details behind this matter, I read some articles about it and learned some theories that may lead to any conclusion to this long-time controversial rumor.

These are the pictures of Rizal and Hitler at age 35

To make the subject easy to comprehend, let's consider these facts opposite the unverified information.
  • Dr. Jose Rizal was known to be a romantic lover with a bunch of women on his list and some others like the supposed mother of Hitler named Klara Polzl.

    (When he was in Europe, it was noted out that he found this pretty European girlfriend somewhere in the border of Germany and Austria. In Berlin he finished Noli Me Tangere. One of the book's characters is named Maria Clara.)
  • Rizal traveled and studied abroad.  He left the Philippines for the first time in May of 1882 and the last recorded travel was on September 1896.  Hitler should have been conceived August of 1888 but these were the travels of Rizal during those dates according to Jose Rizal Website.

    16 August 1888
    Rizal was admitted to the reading room of the British Museum of London.

    August 1888
    He was busy with the Morga. He thought of copying the whole book and annotating it for publication as his gift to the Filipinos. Dr. Antonio Regidor, one of the exiles of the 1872 event, promised to be his capitalist. Along with the Morga he wanted also to publish Blumentritt’s "Tribes of Mindanao" including some new documents which he found in the British Museum.

    18 August 1888
    With the intention of writing the continuation of his first novel, Rizal asked Mariano Ponce in a letter to send him two or more copies of the Noli. Rizal planned to have a picture taken : one copy to be sent to Ponce and the other to be included in the publication of the second novel.

    (Hitler was conceived either in 1887 when Rizal passed through Linz or other towns (such as Brunn - how do you think he lost the diamond stickpin? And who was the "maid" who found it later and gave it to Blumentritt who forwarded it to Vienna?) near the Austrian border: in which case Hitler's older siblings were fictitious, to cover up his mother's being pregnant with him. In other words Hitler was actually born before 1889.

    Or he was conceived in August, 1888, when Rizal was supposedly in London. Or perhaps in September, 1888, when Rizal went to Paris for a week (to have a rendezvous with Klara?). Maybe when to Paris in 1889 it was so he could communicate more easily with the now-expecting Klara? Klara Polzl's affair with Rizal may have centered around Linz, which is why the Hitler family moved there later (so Mama Hitler could live where she had An Affair To Remember), which would explain Hitler's fondness for the town.)
  • Rizal in 1888 had an affair with a Japanese woman, Seiko Usui, when he visited Japan. She had an only daughter, Yuriko, by a foreign husband some years after her encounter with Rizal. Yuriko later married the son of a Japanese politician.         

    (Seiko Usui's only daughter was not really fathered by her husband, Alfred Charlton. He was simply a front. Yuriko, you see, was Rizal's daughter! And Hitler knew she was his half-sister. She used her influence on her brother Adolf to convince him to enter into an alliance with Japan (making it one of the Axis powers): which is why Japan invaded the Philippines! Yuriko made it clear to Hirohito that Hitler would appreciate it if his ally were to take over his father's homeland. And of course the reason why Hitler wanted to become dictator of Germany was because his natural father had spent some of the most interesting years of his life there!) 
  • Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Some people dispute how he died.  The Nazi leader was believed to have used arsenic to poison himself.

    (According to this article, there was an old German-language documentary about Nazism and World War II. It was viewed by a European Language student.  At one point in that film, archival footage of Hitler's bunker was featured and hanging on one of the walls was Rizal's portrait but the documentary never identified Rizal or explained why his portrait hung inside Hitler's bunker.)

Do I believe or not? I won't say anything.  I just want to leave this message and it's for you to find out for yourself.

Long before the birth of Rizal or any famous people in world history had secrets and controversies like Da Vinci and his codes...  Einstein, Newton and Galileo and their theories and even Jesus Christ had untold stories.

The questions hanging on air up to this time may no longer be answered because of missing links and lack of supporting evidences but there's always TRUTH behind everything and anything.  It's in our own intellectual mind that we may seek realm of whatever we want to believe and the reality that we have FAITH in God's existence even if we don't see HIM.