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Timeless Freddy Krueger

Why do people dream? Can these dreams affect our being? Do these dreams come to reality? If you happen to have a nightmare, do you want to fall asleep again? If you see Freddy in your dreams... how would you wake up?

After more than 2 1/2 decades, Freddy Krueger struck again in the remake of this timeless horror film entitled "Nightmare on Elm Street"

1984 version

OVERVIEW by Wikipedia:
A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American slasher film directed and written by Wes Craven, and the first film of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film features Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Amanda Wyss, Jsu Garcia, Robert Englund, and Johnny Depp in his feature film debut. Set in the fictional Midwestern town of Springwood, Ohio, the plot revolves around several teenagers who, if they fall asleep, will be killed by Fred Krueger in their dreams, thus causing their deaths in reality. The teenagers are unaware of the cause of this strange phenomenon, but their parents hold a dark secret from long ago.

Craven produced A Nightmare on Elm Street on an estimated budget of just $1.8 million, a sum the film earned back during its first week. An instant commercial success, the film's total United States box office gross is $25.5 million. A Nightmare on Elm Street was met with rave critical reviews and went on to make a very significant impact on the horror genre, spawning a franchise consisting of a line of sequels, a television series, a crossover with Friday the 13th, a remake, and various other works of imitation.

The film is credited with carrying on many tropes found in low-budget horror films of the 1970s and 1980s, originating in John Carpenter's 1978 horror film Halloween, including the morality play that revolves around sexual promiscuity in teenagers resulting in their eventual (usually graphic) death, leading to the term "slasher film". Critics and film historians argue that the film's premise is the question of the distinction between dreams and reality, which is manifested in the film through the teenagers' dreams and their realities. Critics today praise the film's ability to transgress "the boundaries between the imaginary and real", toying with audience perceptions.

2010 version

By Wikipedia:
A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 2010 American slasher film directed by Samuel Bayer, and written by Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer. The film stars Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker and Kellan Lutz. It is a remake of Wes Craven's 1984 film of the same name and the ninth Nightmare film in total, produced by Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes, it is designed to reboot the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film centers around a group of teenagers being stalked and murdered in their dreams by a man named Freddy Krueger, ultimately discovering they all share a common link from their childhood that is making them targets for Freddy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was originally going to follow the same design as Platinum Dunes' other remake, Friday the 13th, with the writers taking what they thought were the best elements from each of the films and creating a single storyline with them. Eventually, they decided to use Craven's original storyline, and try to create a scarier film. That being, they decided to remove the one-line quipping Freddy, who had become less scary and more comical over the years, and bring him back to a darker nature; this included developing the character as a true child molester, something that Craven wanted to do originally in 1984 but changed to a child killer instead.

The decision was also made to bring Freddy's physical appearance closer to that of an actual burn victim, and the use of computer-generated imagery was used in certain sections of Haley's face to further assist in that vision. A Nightmare on Elm Street was primarily filmed in Illinois because of the positive experience the producers of Platinum Dunes had when filming other films in the same area.

Robert Englund, who portrayed Freddy in the previous eight films, voiced his support of the remake and the casting of Haley in the role of Freddy. A Nightmare on Elm Street was officially released in North America on April 30, 2010, and later released in foreign markets on May 8, 2010. The film was met with primarily negative reviews from film critics, as well as audience members who scored the film a "C-plus". Regardless, A

Nightmare on Elm Street broke the record for midnight openings for a horror film. The film has brought in over $63 million at the domestic box office, and over $115 million worldwide.

OLD FREDDY - Robert Englund

NEW FREDDY - Jackie Earle Haley

My son, KURT who will be turning 13 this year already watched the latest version in DVD last Saturday and I saw it too. I seem to remember that so famous stripe long sleeves shirt of Freddy but I already forgot the story. I am just reminiscent of those good old days in high school.


  1. Freddy Krueger is an epic character! It made so much of an impact in my childhood, that it lead me to become insomniac at a time. I was too scared to sleep, for fear that Freddy would visit me in my 'dreams'.. hehe! I guess, I can also associate this to our version of 'bangungot', when people die in their sleep. =(

  2. I've heard of Freddy countless times but I'm such a loser that I wasn't able to watch the movie.. >.< Anyway, speaking of dreams, I've had a few ones which almost seemed real. And it's quite scary to think how powerful dreams can affect us.. >.<

  3. I think it's really funny when movies from the 80s get remade. But, especially if it's a popular series, it's bound to happen!

  4. Freddy Krueger still gives me a creep :)

  5. Napanood ko tong movie na to...:)

  6. guess what! i haven't seen this movie. even the original. haha! not really into horror films.

  7. Same here, aside from I don't enjoy horror films, I avoid them for personal reasons :D


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