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Before and Now

This is how we looked together when my AYA was only 3 years old. Her facial expression resembled mine but actually she's prettier than me. And this is how we are now. She's a lot more beautiful and lovely. She has grown to be a fine young lady though sometimes we have different points of view and disagree to some issues concerning school and other teenage activities. In this modern fast-paced environment, the things which were considered luxuries before are regarded as needs of today's generation. Children of this digital age are learning and adopting quicker than the elders adjusting to the present society. The new trends like mobile phones, music players, computer and other gadgets are affecting my concern to understand the young people's mind like my AYA. I keep comparing myself from her especially when I was her age. I'm the eldest daughter and she is my firstborn so, I seem to expect too much from her but I guess it's not right to p