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Macular Degeneration

My eyesight has never been that good. I remember during my primary school years, I used to occupy the front seat because I could hardly read the lessons written on the blackboard. At first, I was reluctant to have my eyes checked and I just felt uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses. I never realized that it would lead to a more serious condition. From then on, I had no other choice but to use corrective glasses and contact lenses. I was hopeful that my vision would get better, but the worst happened and now that I'm on my early 40's, I'm even more afraid to lose my sight. Based on my earlier diagnosis and eye exams, I have a left lazy eye and my right eye suffers from high myopia and high astigmatism . I have visited several eye specialists and they have the same findings. One ophthalmologis t even told me that my eyes easily age and that the cause of this condition maybe congenital in nature. I had that scar in my retina upon birth. There is a possibilit