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IDerma products - My Maintenance

IDerma products Because of these products, I feel flawless again. I am moisturized from head to foot. No more itchiness and good bye dryness. I don't have to take any antihistamine drug to stop or control the severe allergic symptoms. Thanks to I Derma Skin Clinic located at Suite 908 Medical Arts Tower, The Medical City, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City and to Dra Irma G. Tan-Nunez, my sleepless nights are over. I thought there is no treatment to this chronic condition. I tried to follow the advise of another dermatologist to use any ordinary mild soap and lotion but the relief is temporary and the symptoms just keep coming back. I also tried to drink herbal tea to detoxify hoping that I would feel better. Then I realized that the only answer to my problem is : maintenance. So I follow the instruction religiously and I do hope the attack will be lessened or totally eradicate the symptoms. Colloidal Oatmeal Soap - use as daily soap for bathing