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We are but
We are bound
to commit mistakes.
We cannot avoid being hurt.
We tend to cause misery
and make others' heart bleed with pain.
We are insensitive...
we ignore and never learn
to appreciate those who truly care.
We can hardly forgive...
We are more tempted to do
the forbidden than follow rules.
We PRAY when we are in agony.
We sometimes forget to
when we taste victory.
We never realize the value of
until it's gone.


  1. Very nice a poem! It's spiritually uplifting> However, for me, forgiving is not skill. It is an attitude of being humble, considerate and loving. It is very difficult to forgive those who cause you disappointment, disgust and embarrassment if you're not humble, more so if you're not considerate. It is easy to forgive if you've the pure love of Christ. Again, you don't have to be skillfull or talented, gifted to be forgiving. But you must have the attitude of humility, the attitude of consideration, and the attitude of being lovable to your fellow beings. God bless!

    1. You are so right sir GIL as your opinion about forgiveness being an attitude of humility and love. As for me FORGIVENESS is a SKILL because it is an ABILITY of a person to truly give it wholeheartedly. Sometimes, we say we forgive someone but we don't mean it and more often than not, we need TIME to really spare and move on.

  2. it is very important to forive. If God can forgive, why can't we?

    Have a fruitful week ahead =)

  3. The beginning of the poem is good. Humbling ourselves is never a sin :) Forgiveness is really important.

  4. A heart warming poem. :) Something to ponder about through the weekend.

  5. Well written poem, there's also a saying it is easy to forgive but not to forget.

  6. .. but only when you forgive that you will find inner peace.. s0oo right! a very nice poem.. :)

  7. moving post... there's rea;;y freedom in forgiveness :).

  8. Thank you for this meaningful post. I admit that as humans, we make mistakes. Forgiveness is sometimes a hard thing to do but when we let go of things, I agree that there will be inner peace. Thank you for the gentle reminder. Take care! :)

  9. Lovely and meaningful poem. Forgiveness is so important ... Thanks for sharing!

  10. ..very heart-touching poem.. love it!

  11. human nature so far to God's will... we definitely needs His interventions. wonderful insights, marri. Yahweh bless.

  12. One thing I learned in my almost 2 years of being single was to forgive myself. I had to. Or else, I never would have learned to love myself.

  13. Well, we should learn how to forgive and move on. Easy to say, but hard to put into action

  14. forgiving is not easy to do .It takes a lot of time ,years before we forgive somebody. I myself thought that i cannot forgive somebody but in the end, hates fades out and before i knew it ,the bitterness was gone and forgiveness just happened.

  15. Thank you I sometimes don't understand why others can hurt so much I should be reminded that humans can be like that sometimes

  16. Forgiving those that have hurt us releases us from the bondage of anger and resentment, allowing us to live life as it should be lived.

  17. I've always been a forgiving person. But sometimes, forgiving people who've really hurt you becomes a hard thing to do. It has never been easy thing to do, that's why I always raise my prayers to God when I can no longer bare the pain.

    By the way Ms. Marri, your poem was well-written out. :)

  18. It is but normal that at times we offend people of people get to offend us as sometimes perspectives different and situations complicate but the constant things should be is that we should all learn from this and be ready to apologize or forgive.

  19. Forgiveness is both healthy for the mind, body and soul. It is not easy but doing it is a challenge and at the same time a relief.

  20. We always see things good if we are already in pain or in grief. Sometimes we forget to appreciate LIFE and we forget to say thank you to our ALMIGHTY GOD. Nice poem.

  21. When we have God in our lives, everything is possible. Though at times we can't really push it and say we instantly forgive someone, because there's a right time for everything too.

    Let us always find it in our hearts to forgive and spread love. :)

  22. So true. many tend to reach God when troubles come but in good times, hayz, nakakalimot sila. God read this day.

  23. Forgiving is for yourself more than anyone else. When you hold a grudge, you are actually burdening yourself.

  24. i'm reminded of what i've just posted yesterday, after being in FB detox for 2 weeks: when you're in a place where it is difficult to be happy, you learn how to forgive :(

  25. forgiveness as human as we are is really hard to give especially to people who we think do not deserve it... i guess, it needs divine intervention. Yahweh bless.

  26. very true. we can really never find true peace if we haven't forgive even ourselves.


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