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Answered prayers
come in His time.

We realized the value
of blessings not
for the quantity.

Neither for the
that captures
our sight.

Nor for the weight
that never fit the scale.

We knock
and a door is open.
We seek and
we find...

GOD will provide us
what we need
and not what we want.


  1. Beautiful prayer. God gives us what we need and not what we want. The answer to our prayer comes in His time. I am reminded to patient. I felt blessed after reading this prayer. Thank you :)

  2. Sometimes God also gives us what we want, as a TEST.

  3. Such a positive statement, "seek and you shall find". Opportunity doesn't dangle itself in front of us for nothing - we've got to actively search it!

  4. This is very timely piece that I would like to repeatedly read. Thank you for an inspiring piece.

  5. Answered prayer.I am one of the lucky who God always answers. But sometimes in order for me to get the answer, I make choices for him to choose and then he will give it.

  6. When I feel that's Im about to lose hope and feel that the universe is turning against me, I just pray. I actually prays a lot. Its my way of regaining myself.

  7. We have to trust that God will provide what is good for us.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful prayer. Like Michelle, I felt God after reading this prayer. Prayer is very important to us to communicate God. And I would agree, "GOD will provide us what we need and not what we want". That's true. God knows everything for us!


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