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Stolen Chances

I thought there's no way for me to get back with my writing again. I've been inactive for sometime and I almost lost motivation to update my blog. I am preoccupied with my new role: being a stay at home mom.

I personally attend to my kids' unlimited needs especially my youngest who just turned one year old last month. Taking care of this cute, little toddler is eating up my time and effort. He's so dependent on me. I am the only one who can change his diaper, clean up his poop, bathe him and prepare his milk all night long.

Good for me because I have a husband who is helpful enough to do his share in the house chores whenever available.

At some point, I feel drained and exhausted but when I see my kids grow healthy and happy, I can always put a smile on my face even if I know that the following day, I'll do exactly the same things again and again.

Being full time on this job is having no time for myself. I still have to please my hubby, give him a private moment and make sure, he'll never get enough of me. Yet. there's these stolen chances that I am using now. I am able to provide my site a new look and post an entry as well. I just hope it will not take me long to snatch chances again.



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