Thank GOD, There's FACEBOOK

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Nowadays, people from around the world enjoy the convenience of using the internet. May it be for business or leisure, local or international news, entertainment, lifestyle and even online games.

Just one click of a button and we can already reach places far across the globe. This advancement of technology paves the way to communicate better and easier.

We can meet new and exciting friends and we can also find long-lost friends and acquaintances using global social networking websites like Friendster, Multiply and Facebook.

One afternoon of September 12, while I was busy organizing my new photo album in Facebook, I thought of searching one of my old friend's name and fortunately, I find her profile and immediately sent my friend request.

 She was then online and I received an immediate confirmation and that's it. We started to chat and we both felt an overwhelming gladness that after more than a decade, we were able to get in touch. We could hardly believe that we're talking again like we used to. Many times, I tried to send Menchie or Tess a mail but I never did. Thank God, there is Facebook, now we can hear from each other more often.

We have our own families now and they look very contented and happy as I do with my three kids and my beloved husband.

It's so nice to be connected again. I just hope we'll meet in person one of these days.

Mom 24/7


Being a new mother again after almost 10 years is an experience of mixed emotions. I thought I was only gifted to raise two undeniably good kids but to my surprise, another boy came out of my tummy through a third c-section operation. Now, I found myself with a bib on my right hand and a feeding bottle on my left. I realized that I am no longer a working mother but a "mom 24/7". It's not an easy job. It's challenging, very demanding and requires full attention, much effort and most of all... time consuming. I am not a first-time mom but it's my first time to be a full time mom.

Yes, I am organized and detail-oriented. Maybe those are good traits I got from my mother but doing domestic chores simultaneously is somehow difficult and getting things done faster is likewise. Each passing day is a one-woman-show except for weekends and during my hubby's day off.

Our house as my workplace now is much simpler to manage than to supervise a group of people with diversity of characters. The hard part is: I work alone with no one to turn to. What's cooking in the kitchen is hotter than an argument over the target sales for the month. Washing the dishes... cleaning the house... preparing the kids for school... aside from taking care of my baby and providing his everyday necessities form part of my routine 24 hours, seven days a week. I no longer prepare regular reports but I have to know the next menu to be served the following day.

Then I question myself: why does Bebeth, my housemaid for almost 5 years has to leave me just when I needed her most? I know, she has to because she too is expecting her first child come December. I can hardly find another Bebeth whom I considered a family.

No career is more stressful than being a full time mom but it's a rewarding experience. It may not require a diploma but the skills and expertise that a mother holds are much more honorable.

I am getting used to this new job. I know that I may not be the best mom but I will do my best to become one.