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Craving for Chocolate Mousse

Everyday for me now is like I'm in a "twilight zone" and I can hardly decide what food to eat or what odor really makes me lose my appetite. I have morning sickness and my stomach feels like empty but full. Once I get up in bed, I sense something bubbling inside my belly and it causes me to throw up. I'm always like this. During my first trimester, I took leave of absence from office just to have a complete rest and now that I'm free from any employer and my boss now is of course, willing and able to take control of everything. He's so excited with the coming baby as much as our two kids. Chocolate Mousse A bed of rich chocolate pound cake, topped with delicious cream-based mousse and chocolate chips for a treat like no other. Source Well, I craved for a "chocolate mousse" from Red Ribbon and my sister Mahlen ordered one through their hotline for a free delivery. It took almost an hour for the cake to arrive because Pasig Branch ru