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Seeing With Our Hearts Open

We look at life as simple yet complicated. We seek peace and solitude yet something is there to hinder. We love and cherish memories yet tears are running down our face. We laugh and smile for joy yet sadness comes without a hint. We travel a long road to freedom yet fences are hidden beneath. We strive to reach the star yet never bother to take a step. We try to be the best person yet somebody will never appreciate. We give hope not despair yet misery and anguish reign. We search for truth and certainty yet pretension lies everywhere. We learn new things and ideas yet life has more to offer. We rely on facts and essentials yet instincts go between. We rescue ourselves from drowning yet surviving is the game. We contradict to one's disposition yet falsify our own views. We agree more on transformation yet change is constant and imperfect. We risk something valuable yet redeem our spirits later. We commit offensive