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No Amvasc for the Meantime

Source It's almost a week now since I stop taking my maintenance drug because of my present condition so I decided to visit Dr. Santos for a check up. Fortunately, my blood pressure was normal: 117 over 75. He told me that there's no need for me to continue with Amvasc . I just have to monitor my BP and be cautious with my diet. Dr. Ronald Santos is a long time friend and classmate back at grade school and high school. When he became full-pledged Cardiologist, my family and most of my relatives have become his regular clients. A lot of our teachers had been his patients as well. Thumbs up for him. He really excels in his chosen field. Truly a proud Rizalian. After a brief talk and some advice, the visit was concluded with a thoughtful reminder: "Take care of that baby." I will definitely do. Pye and I wish to have him as one of the godparents and he's more than just willing to be one.