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Why Blogging?

Photo Credit After almost 15 years of idyllic yet a little obnoxious stint in an office environment, I found myself in front of our computer most of the time because of my newly discovered world: the blogosphere . Well defined as the "world of blogs " or a collective whole of all the blogs in the Internet . I started blogging last May of this year and I am truly delighted with this experience. Firstly, writing is my passion though I considered myself not that professional like a novelist or lyricist, playwright or journalist. I just know how to write but I'm not any "master" of this academe. Secondly, through writing, I can convey what goes in my mind and put them in words. Thirdly, I can freely express my innermost feelings about what I see, what I hear, taste and even the most aromatic scent that can touch my sensitivity. Mye Domain will be turning six months this coming November and I am in fact very grateful for my family for being so suppor