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A Very Special Love

"Rain, rain go away Come again another day Little children want to play Rain, rain go away." Who doesn't know this song? I guess everyone of us heard and sang this song once in our lifetime or maybe have taught the same song to our children just to keep the rain from falling. Raining is such a "kill-joy" season which hinder them to play and have real fun outside. But have you heard of a "sun dance" to prevent the rain from pouring? There's this Filipino movie entitled "A Very Special Love" which stars John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo . It's a romantic-comedy motion picture from Star Cinema and Viva Films SYNOPSIS by WIKIPEDIA Laida (Sarah Geronimo) is a modern-day Belle. She works hard to provide for her family while believing that someday she will meet her prince charming and they will live happily ever after together. That prince charming is none other than Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz), the you