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The Pursuit of HAPPYness

It was only when I search this film in Google that I came to know, there exist a compelling movie which premiered in 2006 earning $27 million on its first week, grossing a total of more than $304 million in box office and accounted an additional $89 million in revenue sales of DVD in 2007 and I only got the chance to watch it on TV under HBO channel with my two kids together with our house help for almost five years, Bebeth who seemed to appreciate it as well. Pye who's more of an action/detective aficionado preferred to be in bed early. I was teary-eyed... emotive. Where is happiness if you are left homeless? Where is comfort if you are left with an empty pocket? Even in subway restrooms, in buses or in the streets... just to shelter his son. Even up to the last cent... just to feed him. Even in the streets... just walking with him. Even it takes a dream to make his son believe. Even if he knows that dreaming is a struggle... an ordeal. Even if life

Huling Kabanata

Napapad kung saan ang tanging pangarap ko. Tinangay ng hangin tinaboy sa malayo. Nasaktan ang damdamin takot nang mabigo. Natitirang pag-asa'y bigla pang naglaho. Ilang beses nang bumuo ng isang kastilyo. Inakalang matatag matibay ang pagkakatayo. Nadaanan lamang ng mahinang bagyo, nabuwal ang haligi't kisap-mata'y gumuho. Kailan ba matatapos matagal na paghihintay? May dahilan pa kaya ang magtiwala ng tunay? Matatagpuan pa kaya ang tinakdang kaugnay nitong pusong sadyang nawalan nang malay. (Photos from the web)