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Living Legacy to the Leader of the Band

I have always been a music enthusiast and listening to songs is one of my favorite pastime. I was so grateful when my brother DL (now a renewed Cholo as he may call himself) brought me an Ipod Nano. He gave it as "pasalubong" when he came back from Minnesota. Having a gadget like that is not in my list of priorities as a mother of course. So when I got it, I immediately organized my playlist and synced into my Ipod. I only have 81 selected hits with categories: mye music, mye top-rated and mye fast songs. Music is a universal language. It is the most prominent element in our lives and it connects our souls to our inner nature, our society and the world around us. It has a healing power that lifts our spirit and change our moods into a lighter state. It is a way of self- expression, a source of entertainment. The art of touching humans' deepest emotions is in the art of music itself. Songs bring meaning and significance in our daily life. Music reminds us of o