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Kenny Roger's Empty Plate

Everytime we have a chance to go out and take the kids for a weekend stroll, we always get our feet on Megamall's ground. We have to be there early like before 10am to secure a parking slot. If during weekdays, main roads in Metropolitan Manila are congested due to traffic well, during weekends, every corner in Megamall seems to be flooded with people just roaming around, shopping, dining, watching movies, ice skating, playing games or just simply sitting on the mall's benches for a day off. Pye and KD are fond of playing in Timezone so they reloaded their powercards while Aya and I went for a window-shopping. After a few walks there and a few stops from SM department store, we joined the two boys for a new game called "go-go-ball" where the players will throw the ball and hit the screen for a score. They only earned 7 points. What a tiring game! Their arms were all stretched out by repeatedly pitching the ball and because of that, Pye got an aching should