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But It Keeps On Lingering...

Beginning of this story .... previous She got a lot of unread emails and most of which came from Manila. She took a glance of two messages coming from her Mama Gee and Uncle Reily aside from those text messages she received almost every day and of course, a number of calls every now and then, just to know if she's alright... if she's having fun. Just telling her to take care. Mama Gee even told her via text message: "I visited Dr. Limjoco yesterday and he advised me to undergo series of tests because of frequent chest pains but don't worry, Uncle Reily was with me the entire day. I badly need a complete rest. Please come home soon. I may feel better with you around." Karla was bothered. She would probably be staying in Oregon for another week. May be Mama Gee was just missing her too much. She knew that by the time she get back home, everything would be just fine. Her Mama would get no serious ailment. She could not afford another loss. As