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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous Graduated at the University of Oregon with a degree in Information Systems and Operations Management, Robert Johnson Miller was an outstanding student and had always been a person of superior intellectual abilities. He's gifted but too premature for a long-term career on an establishment where people just come and go. His only motive in staying and working for the hotel was obviously crafted to complete the pattern of his being... The purpose had been served and he finally found the key to unravel an intriguing story that he learned to value more than his life. Lying in bed with a dimly lit lamp over his headboard, Jon was in awe while reading the journal that was stolen in good faith. Every letter of a every word depicted in great detail. He could feel the warmth of hand scribbling those passages. The postings were discrete unlike those written in the archive of the author's "Unkindly Haven" that he's following. He knew that somewhere