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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous Although he had a visible personality and most of the hotel personnel got to see him once in a while, he could wear a stranger's face for a perfect disguise. He had every knowledge of the ins and outs of the hotel that made it easier for his intentions to be perfectly executed. This was no game plan... This was the best time of his life. Sweat was all-over his face as he took off the porter's jacket and the trouser he had been keeping for the past 48 hours. He was able to sneak that attire out of the staffs' quarter during a whole day routine inspection of the hotel's security facilities. Though his plan A was interrupted by an unexpected blow of a warning device, an alternative plan B was set to fulfill his mission. Now he's holding the key to open up the heart of the woman he strongly desired. He carefully took the box out of the black garbage bag that he recovered from the trash container together with all the rubbish from th