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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous "Any problem Dane? Karla worriedly asked her friend who was then reaching for her purse. "Something's burning in our room. We have to get there right now!" The two ladies left their table as calmly as they could to avoid any disturbance. Dr. Marasigan noticed them as they took wary steps out of the ballroom but he had to keep his audience occupied with his emotive speech that would end probably a longer time than expected. They headed for the elevator up to seventh floor and as they walked through the door of room 708, Dane just burst out like crying babe. " Oh my God! What the hell happen here? It's my... oh! Look Karla, my candles. I forgot to... gosh!" "We were so abstracted this morning and we're in a hurry, remember?" Karla was more concerned over her mini box and she immediately opened the closet where it was safely rested. But to her surprise, there was nothing in there except for some of her clothes