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The Man Behind the Eyeglasses

Back in 1983, I remembered it was a Sunday and we usually had our get together in our grandparents house in San Miguel. Sunday used to be a family day for the Acierto clan... just getting in touch with each other... simply having a nice time. Watching TV was then a traditional past time and I clearly recalled, that was the same day when a breaking news suddenly dominated all channels in Philippine television airing the most controversial assassination of a man whom I , for one , had known nothing about... a man by the name, Ninoy . Benigno S. Aquino was a son of a prominent family, the nation's youngest municipal mayor and vice-governor, a former senator, a husband, a father, an excellent public speaker and " the greatest president Filipinos never had" if only. As I watched those videos paying tribute to his life and meaningful death, I couldn't help but admire that man behind those white suite blemished by blood and being carried like a lifeless dummy. As Ma