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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous While the presentation progressed, Karla's eyes were roaming around the Bellmont hall. She noticed that the crowd was getting out of control. Dane was standing right at the center stage and doing her best act ever. She's too hilarious not to be appreciated by her audience. Her facial expressions and body language made her stint so amusing that even spectators found her exceptional. Laughters surrounded the ballroom and happiness just filled the air. "Thank you so much! I am pleased to perform before each and everyone of you." Now this time I would like to call on the person behind this successful gathering. The most important man in my life and of course, the best-looking surgeon in all of Oregon state... my dearest Dad, Dr. Conrado Marasigan." Dr. Marasigan stood as the spotlight followed his way to the center stage joining his beloved daughter. Everybody moved for a standing ovation and continued applause until Dane gave the floor to her Da