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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous May of 2006 Portland, Oregon USA Karla and Dane stayed at room 708 of the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at North Eastern, Portland. Their duo came in late. The reunion started at exactly 9 o'clock and they arrived 10 minutes behind schedule. Before going there, Dane took a dose of loperamide to stop the discomfort she's feeling just after breakfast. She has gone in and out of their hotel room's toilet for the last 30 minutes and after a while, when the drug has been absorbed by her gastrointestinal tract and metabolized her liver, the pain was gone and the bestfriends hurried up to attend the Marasigan-Del Prado reunion in the Bellmont Ballroom. Dressed with a stunning red outfit with a plunging V-neckline, a chic halter top and a bead embellished empire waist by CM Valvo... Karla was such an eye-catching gorgeousness. The layered skirt flared out into a light airy A-line to just above the knee. Her long silky black hair just complimented her natu